Crazy Eyes

Dear Newsweek:

Don’t make me sympathize with Michele Bachmann, you assholes.

Really? This is your idea of objectivity? I have no use for Michele Bachmann. In fact, I do think she’s a dangerous looney-tune. But I’m just some asshole on a blog; I can shoot off my opinionated mouth at will. You’re supposedly reporters. Don’t you think you can dig into exactly what appeal she has and why she’s suddenly so popular within the GOP? Bachmann may be crazy and misinformed. But she is also smart, polished and media-savvy. And all you’re doing is making her more popular.

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  1. sahrab

    Problems i have with Michelle Bachman:

    Ties to the Salem Lutheren Church (who believes the Pope is the Anti-Christ). There is a long history, in this country, of anti Catholic sentiment. Some of the things said about Catholics, by other Christians, are on par with comments they make towards Mormons (research about Kennedy’s run for President for a good example). I am a self professed Christ Punching Atheist (thank Lee for the moniker), but i also recognize the Freedom of Religion isnt just for the ones that are “acceptable”. Bachman cut ties to the church, prior to throwing her hat into the Presidential Contender ring. She criticized Barrack Obama and his ties to Reverend Wright. If it was acceptable to have issues with Reverend Wright, then Bachman and her church is equal Fodder (another thing Lee warned about, when Reverend Wrights church was brought up).

    Ties to Dominionism, the belief that Christians (must mean only the “acceptable” kind) are the only ones who should over see all secular institutions until the second coming of Christ (dont get me started on that fallacy)

    She believes and coauthored a bill to teach Creationism alongside Evolution. Not understanding one is Religious Dogma and the other is a Scientific Theory, along with not understanding what a Scientific Theory is.

    Calls for State and Federal Ban of Same Sex Marriage. Supports and is supported by James Dobson and Focus on the Family. Her Husbands practice of “Conversion Therapy” for Homosexuals

    This is why Republicans like Bachman and Democrats are no different. Both feel they should be able to dictate what Law Abiding, Legal, Consenting Citizens are allowed to do.

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  2. CzarChasm

    I am a self professed Christ Punching Atheist (thank Lee for the moniker), but i also recognize the Freedom of Religion isnt just for the ones that are “acceptable”.

    I think if you recognize Freedom of Religion, you have to accept that all religious folk think they’ve chosen the “acceptable” one, and therefore think that all others are at least wrong, if not varying degrees of evil (as in “Anti-Christ”).

    Of course Bachmann’s religious beliefs are subject to scrutiny, made more so if she went after Wright I suppose, and even more so again if she wears her religion on her sleeve, or tries to make it a qualifier for office. I have no objection to anyone using that criteria for scrutiny of any candidate, but I prefer more objective, record-based information myself, and with Bachmann, I hit “stop” as soon as I got to her vote in favor of renewing the Patriot Act. If not for that, I think I would like her pretty well.


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  3. sahrab

    I accept that follow a particular Sky Pixie (gotta love Lee) believe theirs is the correct one.

    Not a Problem and fully understandable. The Constitution even protects them for that, from the Government.


    The Anti-Catholic comments and beliefs of Bachmans’ church and others in this country are similiar (if not exactly the same) as those against Mormons, and Muslims. I dont have a problem with those that Believe their particular Skky Pixie is the correct one. I have a problem when they comment and claim that anyone elses is the Wrong One. Constiutionaly one of those is protected by the Freedom of Religion and the other is not (important distinction)

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  4. hist_ed

    As another atheist, I have to say that I find churches that are honest about their dogmas to be a bit more refreshing than the weaselly “everyone is ok” types. Inherent in almost every religion is the belief in its righteousness and therefore that all the other religions are wrong. If you are a Catholic, then be a fucking Catholic. You church teachers that all the other churches are inferior and all the other Christians are going to burn in hell. I disagree with Muslim fundies that want to behead cartoonists and such, but at least they are honest. Bachman is a bit of loon, but if her church is honest about its beliefs then that is ok with me.

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  5. hist_ed

    Jesus, Hal, this post has one basic error. You are treating Newsweek as if it has higher journalistic standards than the averag high school newspaper. The only time I read Newsweek is when I am waiting in a doctor’s office. It has become a partisan rag without any pretense of objectivity.

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  6. Seattle Outcast

    Newsweek & Time in particular have gave up all pretense of being objective many years ago. They don’t qualify as “news” and now land squarely in the camp of “progressive opinion”.

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  7. Hal_10000 *

    I know. I know. These were the guys who had a cover with Bill Clinton on a white horse slaying a special interest dragon.

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    The Anti-Catholic comments and beliefs of Bachmans’ church and others in this country are similiar (if not exactly the same) as those against Mormons, and Muslims.

    I went to my first Catholic funnel last year, it took everything in my power, not to stand up and say WHAT TEH FUCK, all the rites incantations, were right out of some dirt grubbing pagan religion that they for centuries have demonize…….

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  9. CM

    I agree, the cover is unnecessary. Bachmann’s background, beliefs, and public performances are enough by themselves to allow people to form their views.

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  10. hist_ed

    I am a long fallen Catholic-I was an altar boy up to about 7th grade and then it all hit me. At my Catholic High School, I once wore a T-shirt that said “John Paul thinks I’m a bastard” because my mom was divorced before she married my dad.

    I hadn’t stepped into a church until my nephew’s confirmation a few years ago. I realyl didn’t think it would be a big deal, so my wife and I went. I had the crazy phyisical reaction; I was literally shaking after about five minutes and just had to leave.

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  11. Seattle Outcast

    I do not know, it kinda looks like she is getting ready for a bukkake shot….

    I’m familiar with that particular look of crazy, and yeah, you nailed it….

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  12. yabkpjo

    Bachmann has always struck me as the Republican version of Howard Dean – popular with the base and gets lots of attention due to being able to give speeches well, but lacking any real substance beyond opposition to the president and his party.

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