The new talking points are..

It’s the tea Party downgrade! I have heard this now from every leftwing shithead that has been given air time anywhere. That journolist thing must be back on. It’s a concerted effort to try and convince people that the problem isn’t government spending being out of control and them borrowing money we don’t have to prop up a socialist utopia that is anything but, at the expense of the next generation, but the problem is with those stupid and evil people pointing out that the shit is unststainable. It’s a shoot the messenger for daring to tell you the truth scenario.

Here is that asshole Axelrod doing it. here is an even bigger asshole, Kerry, doing more of the same:

It’s those evil bastages pointing out that the emperor has no clothes, and they need to be burned at the stake for daring to do so! Our benevolent ruling class has been doing all this for our own good, after all.

In the mean time Obama’s plan to boost the economy is to tax it more and do some more stimuluspatronage spending. That’s cause the last time they did that it worked so well. Fucking genius! And the LSM is right there letting these assholes blame the people pointing out ogvernment is screwing us for the disaster of their making. Sure they really want to do what’s right. It’s the tea Partier’s fault they can’t!

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