Norah Defines Who “We” Are

Despite all the books written on the subject, the abject bold face denials by the major players, and the crystal clear evidence witnessed by anyone that has turned on a television or read a newspaper in the last 30 years, the LSM has stood firm in their hilarious notion that they do not tilt left. It looks like one of their own slipped up and now must stand in the corner wearing a Joe Biden hat:

“You gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing.”

Today was the day I officially felt sorry for Jay Carney. Explaining why Obama does anything would make any of us want to start sucking our Glock 19. Here he has to answer to an angry mob decrying the simple fact that the rich and their wealth was not parted, that he and his party got snookered by a bunch of 2 year amateurs who’s official numbers are less then the agreed to Obama care waivers.

Norah will no doubt get a good talking to when she gets back to CBS headquarters.

UPDATE: M.Y. provided a video clip and transcript from CBS News that makes Norah’s comments much easier to understand, the “we” she was referring to was the Democrats being dissatisfied with the deal. She is more of a pro (not revealing her political biases in this incidence) then I gave her credit for so a retraction is in order.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Sounds like what you say is true BUT,

    listen close and that’s not what was said. (better audio then youtube)



    O’DONNELL : …but you have Democrats saying he gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing.

    While I don’t like Democrats and their propagandists in media I do like the truth.

    This time people are mistaken.

    On a related note Huffington Post was forced to print an apology to Andrew Breitbart concerning this very clip. They had claimed he doctored the audio.

    I know, you’re just trying to regain some of your right of center creds back but… damn you for making me defend this liberal bint.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    better audio then youtube

    It was better and much easier to understand, she was speaking from the Democrats point of view, admitted.

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