If you still doubt the elite think we are nothing but their serfs…

Then check out this incredible story out of the land of fruits & nuts about how the elite in government bristle with feigned indignity at the thought the peasants deserve to know what they spend on themselves:

The California Assembly says the public has no right to see lawmakers’ current office budgets and spending projections, documents that could show whether punishment is doled out for key votes.

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino raised the issue last month, saying that his budget was slashed shortly after casting the lone Democratic vote in the Assembly against this year’s controversial budget.

Portantino, The Bee and other media outlets submitted Legislative Open Records Act requests seeking, among other things, current office budgets for each Assembly member and any changes to them.

The answer came Monday: No way.

The Assembly Rules Committee, under the control of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, said that such documents are exempt under a provision covering “preliminary drafts, notes or legislative memoranda” and correspondence to lawmakers’ offices.

Do you think if they where honestly doing what’s best for the people this would be such a contentious issue? That they would feel the need to prevent the tax payers from knowing how they spend their money? Yeah, I know. The will however tell you they are looking out for you and the real bad guys are these evil rich people. Fuck, you can not make up the level of contempt tat these collectivist elitist scum have for the average working man or anyone better than them.

These are the people calling the shots.

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  1. Manwhore

    We should get a unions are great speech anytime now. I know, iknow, I kept you all from it. I can only apologize and hope that rich finds it in his heart to forgive me. I dont get to retire at 55. Rich did.v

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  2. richtaylor365

    If you are going to slander me, at least get your facts straight. I retired at 52…………………………..BANG!!!!

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