Archival Gold

I was poking around in the archives today and I came across an absolute gem, so in the spirit of “Best of Lee”, I hope it’s OK with JimK if we from time to time throw up some oldies that everyone will love. In going through the comments it was fun to see some old names. Some of these posts would go several hundred comments long, this one is pretty short, but as you can see, some cleverness, some hilarity and some short triggers will always spell ,”good times“.

Thrill was one funny dude, and for me, comedic timing is huge, I miss him.

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  1. Section8

    Thrill was one funny dude, and for me, comedic timing is huge, I miss him.

    I was wondering why I haven’t seen any of his posts lately. What happened to him? I hope it’s just because he got tired of posting for now.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    What happened to him?

    The PC version of the story was that a few years ago there was a few regulars here that decided to branch out and start a blog of their own. I always thought Thrill was a great writer and I wrote over there for a bit. His life got busy and his family took precedence, the blog suffered from his absence, then I left for personal reasons and the blog went kaput. I hope he is checking in here from time to time and will return.

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  3. Section8

    Ok, good to hear it was just that he’s not blogging. I think we all get burned out doing it from time to time, and probably even more so if you’re the one having to come up with the topics.

    Also, the other blog was good. I would go there occasionally. I just assumed it got merged back into this one.

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  4. loud

    What Thrill was demonstrating is better known as Poe’s law:

    “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    It’s particularly effective in text on the internet, with no tone of voice. I remember the name, but didn’t remember Thrill’s stances on things as I visited the blog much less frequently during that era. Maybe the posters in that forum at the time should have known him better than to take him seriously, but it isn’t outrageous that someone did. I had to read several posts down to know for sure whether he was kidding or not, though my immediate instinct was “Poe.”

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  5. Manwhore

    In retrospect you might have had to ask him. Thrill is and was many things, but direct and honest were not what he was criticized about. This thread was fun and in the past, but I feel the answer was to gripe boy directly to make impact on the tone of this blog shifting from pro Iraq and afghanistan, to where it was before “the event”.

    The “Jedi council” separated about 2006 and all we are left is lee’s memories. I wish to hell he left us more to go by. Lee hated, and then loved thrill. I think lee and thrill would’ve ordered the same beer from the bar.

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  6. Thrill

    Imagine my surprise when I came looking for news of MW, dwex, and others and stumbled onto this post. I will admit that I’m disappointed that nobody could be troubled to come out and curse my name though. Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve caused any trouble. Or maybe you dicks just found out that I was right all along.

    The Thrills are doing well these days, guys. The kids are healthy and we’re getting by as well as anyone can these days.

    I hated to let the VO go, but I couldn’t find the time anymore and I pretty much got seduced by Facebook and it absorbs what spare time I have. In fact, I still keep up with a couple of our old friends from RTFLC and the VO on FB. I wouldn’t mind adding some more of you.

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  7. Thrill

    It’s taking about a minute for each page to load, whether I use IE or Firefox. No idea why. Even Ace of Spades comes up almost instantly with all the junk they put on the page.

    Won’t stop me from visiting, Jim, but it’s noticeable.

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  8. JimK

    Not sure why it would be THAT slow! Load time with all the various site checkers is usually between 2-18 seconds.

    Do you run any sort of anti-virus that interacts with web pages? That can sometimes slow a script-heavy site…and I’ll totally fess up, this is a script-heavy site.

    As an aside…remember back when a page loading in less than a minute was like, magic? Now the “experts” say you need load times of less than 30 seconds or users will click away.

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  9. Thrill

    Ah, it’s probably my own browser settings. I knew that RTFLC had always been script-heavy, but didn’t realize it was so much so. No big deal, Jim.

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  10. Santino

    Thriiiiiilllll, nice to see you’re still poking around! Does this mean I can look forward to some more of your witty musings, and musical recommendations?

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