A Portent Of Greatness?

The reasons behind dismal congressional approval ratings are rather obvious, not only is finding D.C. types that “get it” harder then what Lot went through in his search for 10 righteous men in Sodom, but it is clear to everyone that getting anything done is secondary to sticking it to the opposition and looking good doing it. I don’t think there has ever been a time in my lifetime where universal derision has not been higher and the confidence of the people in the system has not been lower. But just when you think we are beyond saving and start looking at Canada or Australia (yeah, I have) someone comes along that could be “the one”, Marco Rubio is looking real good right now:

It’s been obvious for a while now that congress critters don’t make speeches in the chambers to convince or persuade, impossible, but they do it for dissemination to the folks, constituents and normal people out there who they can possibly inform and impress, voters.

I like the fact that Rubio covered many of the topics we have discussed here, the MIA Senate in passing a budget, the duplicity of the pres and VP wrt their waffling opinions of raising the debt ceilings in the past, the truth about what is really motivating the credit agencies and their threats of a downgrade, the way business in done there in general and the politics behind it, but mostly that stuff is broke. The system, the tax code, S.S., medicare, medicaid, the uncontrollable size of government, all broke, and even when you have a consensus that something needs to be done, nothing gets done.

Rubio is young, inexperienced, and a neophyte, a stranger in a strange land, but it appears that he is learning quickly.

I have heard several appeals in the blogosphere and from media types that although the presidential candidacy is wide open, the VP slot is a lock, and that better go to Marco Rubio. I need to do more research on the matter to formulate an opinion on whether that would be a wise move or not. But one thing is clear, the Tea Party has given us 4 or 5 young guns, people that get it and want to fix Washington, and no star is brighter than Marco Rubio.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    While we’re on the topic of people in DC that are fucking worthless, can we take Carney out and have him shot in the middle of the street and left for the crows?

    Government needs a complete housecleaning and a reboot. Everyone currently in DC needs to just fucking go. All government agencies need to be, at the very least, cut in half. many of them need to be just fucking eliminated. Seriously, why do we need a dept of education?

    All of our spending programs and entitlements need to be hauled out, examined under a harsh light, and cut with a machete.

    Personally, I don’t think we’ve seen it get nearly as ugly as it’s gonna get….

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