Dumping Tea

One of the best pieces of advice that I learned and adhere to over the years about investing is this ,”Don’t fall in love with any stock, it’s business, remember that”. No matter how attractive the stock looks now, a regular application of due diligence is essential where you evaluate not only it’s balance sheet and quarterly statements, but you continually ask yourself why this deserves to be in your portfolio. Lesson number two, apply the exact same rule to political parties and political movements:

These people are really pissing me off!!

I was a big Tea Party supporter from the beginning, I liked their message and their sense of urgency that we can’t be dicking around too much longer, we need to start fixing our problems now. Between the push for smaller government, less governmental intrusion in our lives, less reliance on what they can give us and more on what we should be doing for ourselves, all this resonated with me. But lately they have not only been acting like spoiled brats, too big for their britches, and totally clueless about how things work in politics, but have proven so divisive within their own ranks, that it is painful to watch.

I understand them not liking Boehner’s plan, it is pretty weak cheese:

Cutting not even $1 trillion from the debt.
Establishing a joint committee of 12 to work out future deficit cuts (yeah, like that always works).

It has some good stuff in it too:

Raises the debt ceiling by only $900 billion, not the $2.9 trillion that Obama wants.
It requires a later vote by both houses on a balanced budget amendment (another dead on arrival procedure with this Congress, but maybe they will be more successful with a different one come next year).
And it does not raise any taxes.

But we can’t get too bogged down in the details because this plan is dead at the Senate anyway, it is nothing more then the first move in a political chess game.

These Tea Party loud mouths somehow think that since they had a fairly successful mid term result last year, that now they got the political heft to start bullying folks, just quit it.

It does not take a frickin’ genius to figure out that folks are mad as hell at those out of control spenders, this is the sentiment the Tea Party tapped into last year, an easy hook, now if they want to build on that they will tone down the rhetoric, get realistic about what they can and can’t accomplish, and don’t stab themselves in the eye with a pencil and bleed on everyone. Some of us are ready to send them to their room without supper.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I never got into the whole Tea Party thing for a few reasons

    1) Too easy a target
    2) Burns too damned hot to be sustainable
    3) Attracts fringe elements
    4) Never associate with “the crazy” – no matter how much fun the ride is, when it finally comes to an end you realize you made a big fucking mistake (this applies mainly to women, but, well, you know…..)

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  2. Hal_10000

    I like the Tea Party and think they get hit with the extremist stick more than they deserve. But at some point, that passion has to evolve into a governance. The fact that we’re discussing budget cuts at all is a credit to the TP. What they need to now is realize when the’re winning.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    The Tea Party made campaign promises in order to get elected.BTW they are.
    Obama made campaign promises to get elected too. BTW he’s broken more then several of them already.

    BUT yet, according to our two public sector posters, if the Tea Party doesn’t break their campaign promises they are the spoiled children that should be sent to their room.
    By ya’ll’s own omission you both supported the movement when it was easy to do so… but when the hard decisions needed to be made it was Adios M/F

    Do I have all of the facts straight here? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  4. Poosh

    Gosh, politicians actually standing up for what they believe in and doing what they were elected and mandated to do…


    I appreciate that they are not nuanced, and too stubborn to play politicians when it’s actually appropriate. Ann Coulter seems to astutely argue why you the eh House (is it the house?) should have passed the Boehner plan, seeing as it was doomed anyway – this would have reflected badly on the Democrats.

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    Do I have all of the facts straight here? Inquiring minds want to know.

    So I guess you think that all TEA Party candidates must be monolithic, cannot think for themselves, and must vote with one voice, is the right?
    I guess you think that if any TP guy voted for the BP he is a traitor and must be voted out at the next election, is that right?
    Two of the House’s most prominent TP members (Allen West and Rand Paul) voted differently on the BP, so in your narrow view, one must have betrayed his principals and a concerted effort must be mounted to get him voted out next election, is that right?
    Do you think it is possible, just maybe, that a TP guy who knew the BP was all bluster anyway since it would not get through the Senate could vote yes with a clear conscious and an adherence to his TP principals with the idea that nothing is damaged but a lot is gained because now the majority leader has some much needed backing and support from his party?
    Do you think it was a good idea for the new kid on the block (the TP) to go around making all kinds of noise about a plan to get rid of Boehner when he has been a good leader (so far), the TP folks just walk in the door and now they act like they own the place and want to upset the apple cart, you don’t see how this looks to the independents, those folks that you will need if you have any chance at all to get rid of Obama next year, and isn’t that the number goal all along?
    What do you really expect them to do, part the Red Sea when they just got there, only have a few members, and their party only controls one half of one third of the government?
    I support the TP and it sounds like you do to, but because I dare voice criticisms you are ready to recall me and throw me out of office, very adult and rational of you.

    You asked if you have all the facts, here is one more, if you want the TP to survive and be viable, you better hope that some adults take the reigns over there, you better hope that calmer heads can prevail, you better hope that they start to engage brain before mouth. The Democrats and the LSM painted the TP at nutjobs and fringe feeders from the very beginning (what do you expect) so the TP must go out of their way to be rational, conciliatory and realistic in their approach. It’s great to be principled, all the way up to the point that no one is listening to you any more.

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  6. Section8

    Yeah, some of them may get a little too ambitious, but that comes with being new to the game. Anyhow, this passed the House, and if everyone is so damn afraid of default, why not pass this bill? I want to hear about what is so horrible about it. True, it’s DOA, but in order to get enough fiscal conservatives in office to actually do something, they are going to have to demonstrate they are willing to at least put up some sort of fight now. Then you have the Hals of the word who run for the hills every time the pressure is on, and is fine with voting back in his lord and savior from the last election, so he can bitch about how nothing is getting solved, and then complain when anyone actually makes a stand to solve something. It’s getting old.

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  7. Manwhore

    Again, you are either too stupid to get it or fascinatingly ignorant. The Tea Party was voted in because there is a huge block of our voting populous that is (wait for it)……tired of big government.

    What a crazy idea! A political party that sets out to do what they were voted in to do? Someone better stop an idea like this, except if it furthers Union benefits!!

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  8. Hal_10000

    Yes, but it’s not enough to dislike big government. You need the political skills to dismantle it. The Reagan Revolution didn’t happen in a day. He plugged away for eight years, getting what he could, gradually moving he ball down the field. Parts of the TP seem to think that only hail mary touchdown passes that take care of all the problems RIGHT NOW are acceptable.

    The TP had a great effect on changing the direction we’re going in. For the first time in my memory, even the Democratic Party is talking about spending cuts. We take what we can get now and then keep coming back. They were patient in building the welfare state; we need to be equally patient in rolling it back.

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  9. Manwhore

    The political skills are there. I think what you’re scared of is the fact that we are not Australia These aren’t political idiots, and being in the mix means they are doing something.

    I know it stings like a hornet.

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  10. Manwhore

    What you reaIlly want is for the Us to bite its tongue to save the status quo. I want us to be better than what we are.

    If steve jobs has more liquid assets than the fed, we have a problem.

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  11. hist_ed

    A variation of the Baehner plan is likley to pass; in fact the tea partiers’ last additiona makes it more likely. Reid’s plan is dead; everyone knows that. When the dust settles on Monday, Read will strip out the Balanced Budget Amemdment language and do a little more minor tinkering and then pass Bohner’s plan and call it a compromise between the two houses. That will free up dems in the House to vote-the hard core tea partiers can oopose and there will still be a majority in the house to pass.

    The alternative means the Dems get blamed for the shutdown. Even with all their help in the media, there is no way they won’t take the blame among most independents.

    The BP is awful, but its the least awful thing we can go for. It doesn’t cut 900 billion, it slows the increase of spending by that amount. And it doesn’t even do that-really it cuts less the 100 billion from next year and then hopes that future congresses will do the heavy lifting. Significant cuts will not happen this year and will not happen next year. They might happen in 2013 if we get a new president and a new Senate. For that to happen, the GOP can’t be blamed for any default-now it looks like they won’t be.

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  12. Manwhore

    No. But as my immortal great grandfather said “It’s not how you start but how you finish.”

    Look at my progression!

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  13. Manwhore

    Oh, and BTW a pussy would’ve vacated this site at the get. I’m gonna post my POV as long as I can. I’m not scared of anyone, so does that make me a pussy?

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  14. Manwhore

    Wow, a downding on something completely unrelated to the thread. I didn’t know what my great grand father said would be fodder for a down ding.

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  15. Manwhore

    So, Jim. Ban me if you must. However, I will, and will always be a fiscal conservative. I will rail against posts like these and did so even on the VO. This stupidity must be spoken out against. I’m out.

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  16. richtaylor365 *

    I’m not scared of anyone, so does that make me a pussy?

    No, you were already a pussy before your lame display of false courage.

    I have to admit, at least your are consistent. When Lee was still running the site he also lost patience with you, thought you were a turd, and booted your ass. Some misguided folks stuck up for you then, nobody is making that mistake now.

    Your comments (notice I did not say contributions, you do not contribute anything) remind us what a great country we live in and why free speech is a cherished right. That is your purpose here, to remind us that some pathetic vacuous souls who have nothing of substance to offer, cry out ,”look here, I have a right to be heard”, but then say nothing worth listening to. You, Fred Phelps, Michael Moore, you guys are the examples we go to when we say ,”Yes, even they have the right to be stupid in public”. God Bless America.

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  17. Manwhore

    False courage? How much”courage” does it take to get the point across? I would argue that I am very courageous, to the point of being booted. I stand for my points of view.

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  18. JimK

    So a total fucking pussy AND unable to comprehend written words to boot? What a catch, Donnie.

    I specifically replied to your whining post about getting thumbed down, you eternally pissing and moaning motherfucker. I made no reference to you posting your opinions about fiscal conservatism.

    Stop whining like a bitch and just fucking participate, for fuck’s sake. Would it kill you to not be a cunt?

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  19. Manwhore

    I’m not whining. I’m not even pissed off. All I want is that our resident public sector employees (they seem to have the time) admit they are obamanoughts and get right down to it. I’m not trying to reinvent the world.

    Yes, Lee and I disagreed on things but it wasn’t on world view.

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  20. JimK


    No one is talking about banning BUT you. And furthermore, if you were banned, IT WOULDN’T BE DUE TO YOUR POINT OF VIEW.

    It would be to your incessant, eternal and non-stop whining cuntfest of complaints and your asshole behavior. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS, MOST OF WHICH ARE SHARED BY THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE HERE.

    Get off your fucking cross. We need the fucking space, to nail the next fool martyr.

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  21. Kimpost

    Nor do you disagree on fiscal conservatism with the people you are referring too, or most people on here. Calling them obamanoughts is just absurd. I doubt they would vote for him if hell froze over.

    What people object to is your douche bag attitude, and your self-victimisation. You’ve got some kind of personal issues with rich, and those makes it impossible for you to invent excuses to attack him. And since Hal agreed with rich in this thread you had to go after him too.

    I have to ask you though, since tonight is exceptionally ridiculous. Are you drunk?

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  22. hist_ed

    All I want is that our resident public sector employees (they seem to have the time) admit they are obamanoughts and get right down to

    I am a resident public employee. I have lots of time right now cause it’s summer. I hate Obama with a passion as bright as, ummm, a really bright thing. I think he is worse president than Carter, worse than the first Johnson.

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  23. InsipiD

    Until last October, I was a public-sector employee, but you’ll find that I was consistently on message about fiscal conservatism. My thinking while on that job was that I was trying to make sure that the taxpayers were getting the best deal possible for their money. I always tried very hard to make sure that things stayed on target and under budget. If that meant that my bosses had a spending spree to maintain budget levels at the end of the fiscal year, so be it, but I didn’t pad things or make sure that money got spent. There were a few people there who thought like I did, but most felt even more entitled than the people whom we were serving. It was scary how that place could spend money sometimes.

    Public sector isn’t strictly filled with Obamanaughts, but the self-haters do tend to leave while the others tend to stay.

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  24. Mississippi Yankee

    I haven’t seen it put better than this anywhere”

    “The present fraternal schism in the house is a natural byproduct of the Tea Party decision to co-opt the Republican party, thus returning it to its roots. It’s not the first battle, nor will it be the last.”

    Casca over at Curmudgeonly& Skeptical

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  25. Section8

    Dude, quit asking to be banned or suggesting it’s going to happen. I like your views and pretty much agree with you, but who cares about things like the thumbs up or down? Shit, I already know people don’t read my screeds half the time but oh well it doesn’t stop me.

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  26. Mississippi Yankee

    I doubt they would vote for him if hell froze over.

    Kim, I can’t say how Hal pulled the lever then,but his post and comments in September and October of ’08 certainly leaned that way.
    As for Rich… who knows… he mostly just bores me.

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  27. Section8

    Wow, you caught someone making a typo. Can you absolutely confirm you’ve never done one yourself? If not, what’s the point of making a big deal about this? What are you trying to prove?

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  28. CM

    Keep your panties on, I ain’t no grammar or spelling Nazi. I just find it ironic that Euro guy has a better grasp of the language than the guy having a go at him.

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  29. Kimpost

    Barr, not Obama, not McCain.

    Anyway, what is it that makes you feel that you need to tell us that someone bores you? It wasn’t relevant to any point you were making, so why bother? I think it looks bad. It’s rude.

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  30. Section8

    This from a guy who needs to have comments explained 3 dozen times in nearly every post because, “I don’t understand”, “I’m confused”, “What did you mean by that?”

    Maybe worry about your reading comprehension, and then you can worry about a typo you felt compelled to comment on, because you were worried your Euro buddy was insulted by an American.

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  31. Mississippi Yankee

    Calling them obamanoughts is just absurd. I doubt they would vote for him if hell froze over.

    Ah yes the perpetually offended response… well played.
    And you’re certain it was Barr how?

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  32. Kimpost

    I’m not certain, I wasn’t with Hal in the voting booth, but I checked the archives and that’s what he said.

    With Rich I have no idea, but he sure hasn’t shown Obama much love. He’s been quite clear on that subject, even if he probably doesn’t think that Obama’s the devil incarnate, like some semi brain dead losers seem to believe…

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  33. Mississippi Yankee

    How does one access the archives? I was led to believe when we made the switch that we mortals wouldn’t be able to do that any longer.

    Maybe I misunderstood JimK. Or… well the possibility’s just boggles the mind.

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  34. Kimpost

    How does one access the archives? I was led to believe when we made the switch that we mortals wouldn’t be able to do that any longer.

    You misunderstood him. During the transition he secured the old information, and made it accessible.

    In the right column of this blog you should be able to find the Older Archives. RTFLC, Moorewatch and LeeinChina are all there.

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  35. Monolith

    his from a guy who needs to have comments explained 3 dozen times in nearly every post because, “I don’t understand”, “I’m confused”, “What did you mean by that?”

    That’s funny right there.

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  36. Rann

    He’s been quite clear on that subject, even if he probably doesn’t think that Obama’s the devil incarnate, like some semi brain dead losers seem to believe…

    Obama is clearly not the devil incarnate, that’s just ridiculous.

    Satan has leadership experience and management chops.

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  37. CM

    *that was a joke!

    So was the “ain’t”. ;-)

    This from a guy who needs to have comments explained 3 dozen times in nearly every post because, “I don’t understand”, “I’m confused”, “What did you mean by that?”

    Sure, I’ve requested clarification when someone wrote something ridiculous.Why do I need to keep explaining this (3 dozen times now)? Are you slow?

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  38. JimK

    I’ve tried to incorporate the following philosophy into my life. If one person tells you something, it could be bullshit. If two people say it, it could still be bullshit. If three people say a thing, you might give it some consideration, but it could still be bullshit.

    If the majority of those you interact with in a given circumstance all have the same reaction to you and say the same thing…the odds that the problem is literally everyone else?

    Not good. Might want to chiggity-check yourself before you wriggedy-wreck yourself.

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  39. Hal_10000

    Kim is correct. I voted for Barr in 2008. I was living in Texas at the time, so it didn’t matter. My election record is:

    1980 – vaguely supported Carter (I was 8 and living in GA)
    1984 – strongly supported Reagan
    1988 – strongly supported Bush
    1992 – voted for Bush in GA
    1996 – voted for Dole in VA
    2000 – voted for Bush in VA
    2004 – voted for Bednarik in TX
    2008 – voted for Barr in TX

    I have occasionally voted for a Democrat in Congress. Virgil Goode (who is now a Republican), Sam Nunn (who probably would be) and Ben Jones (because Swindall was a corrupt fundamentalist creep). I voted GOP in 2010 but have not decided for 2012.

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