Allahu Akbar, Part Two

Holy smokes, not again. Another soldier of jihad, this time an active member of the military, a guy who refused to be deployed to Afghanistan because of his religious beliefs has admitted plotting to attack Ft. Hood, Texas.

Fort Hood, the same Texas Army post where 13 people were killed in a 2009 shooting rampage by one “soldier of Islam” Major Hasan.

This guy, thank God, was nabbed before any carnage could ensue, but motive, opportunity, and the means for execution were all present.

Police and federal agents found gunpowder, firearms and ammunition at the motel, according to federal law-enforcement officials, who said the private told investigators he wanted to attack the military. The private has publicly complained that he faced discrimination because he is Muslim

What discrimination? the guy was AWOL.

Some cursory background:

Abdo entered the service in March 2009 but applied for conscientious objector status in June 2010, on the eve of his first deployment to Afghanistan, citing his religious beliefs as a Muslim. (He should have been jailed back then for dereliction of duty) In May 2011, just days after his application was approved, Abdo was hit with 34 counts of possession of child pornography and his military discharge was put on hold.

My feelings on Muslims in our military have evolved somewhat. Considering that we do not conscript, all voluntarily enlist, and that part of the enlistment process is that you take an oath (straight forward enough, you will protect and defend the Constitution and bear allegiance to same, you will obey the orders of your commander and chief and all officers placed over you) it should not come as any surprise that part of being in the military might include going to war. So all later attempts at pleading for conscientious objector status should not only be disallowed but severe retribution should follow. I had believed that any and all soldiers refusing to fight (or be deployed) should not only be thrown in prison, hard labor (making little itty bitty rocks out of big heavy ones) and should be civilly liable for all funds and monies used (wasted) to train said POS. Basic and MOS training is not cheap, the military has invested enormous amounts of money, tax payer money, training these protectors of our nation, we deserve a certain level of remuneration if that training goes to waste.

That was then, I now feel differently. Given what has already transpired and the realities (dangers) of allowing any Muslim who is not 100% committed to honoring his oath, I now say that all those demands for getting something back or making them pay for their duplicity go right out the window. Although I think justice demands something fungible in return, the truth is that at this point we just need them out now. I think all branches of the military should individually contact every single Muslim serving, and give them an “out” option with nothing in return. If any Muslim feels as Abdo does, that practicing his religion is not consistent and at odds with serving and that a Muslim is not allowed to participate in an Islamicly unjust war then we will honor his request and discharge him immediately, no muss no fuss. Now this discharge must be “General”, only those that have met their obligations properly get an Honorable discharge, that can not change. But for the sake of the safety of the rest of our military personal, no conscientious objectors, for any reason, should be allowed to remain. If you want out, regardless of the amount of money we have invested in you already, you can get out now. You want to be a practicing Muslim and feel that you cannot fight Muslims on the battlefield, here is your chance to do something about it, we won’t get mad, we won’t yell at you, we will make the transition as painless as possible. This approach is the only way to handle those that might possess disloyal or violent proclivities towards his fellow soldiers, why take the chance?

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