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For those still grasping at straws and pretending operation “Fast & Furious” was legit, in which case the intent would have been to track the weapons at a minimum, and as with all such operations, to do everything possible to prevent these weapons from ending up in the wrong hands where they are used to commit crimes, we have some reality bitch slaps courtesy of this beltway confidential piece in the Washington Examiner.

In the fall of 2009, American officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who were stationed in Mexico started noticing a sharp spike in the number of guns heading into the country. But what made things especially strange was that many of them were being traced back to the ATF’s own field office in Phoenix.

Over the next year, ATF’s Mexico-based officials raised louder and louder alarms all the way to Washington, as the number of guns flooding into Mexico grew from the hundreds into the thousands, and even more disturbingly, a number of them flowed into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

During this time, the United States representatives in Mexico were kept completely in the dark about the so-called “investigation.” Little did they know that the surge in guns heading into Mexico was no accident, but part of an elaborate but ill-conceived effort by the Obama administration to allow front men to purchase guns in Arizona and sell them to smugglers, in the hopes that it would eventually lead U.S. law enforcement officials to Mexican drug cartels.

Ask yourself why things went like this. Simple ineptness on the part of both the DOJ – they drove this operation – and the ATF? Did these people all suddenly lose all their common sense and/or decades of know-how when Obama’s team took over? Was there some clever plan they might have had that we idiots simply can’t see? Or where they hoping we wouldn’t see it? Hold on. I think I have some more details you need to know to put this all into perspective.

From at least early 2010, their superiors assured the ATF officials in Mexico that everything was “under control” and that that the investigation would soon end. Yet it only ended in January 2011. By then, guns that were part of the investigation had already been linked to the tragic murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

These revelations are the latest in House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa’s probe into the ATF’s bungled “Operation Fast and Furious” program. A new report, released to coincide with a Tuesday hearing on the issue, focuses on the dangerous impact that the misguided program had on the Mexico side of the border.

Seriously, think hard here. What could or would be gained by the ATF/DOJ team behind this operation by not informing the ATF people on the Mexican side about the operation? Where they worried that the Mexican members where on the Carter payroll and would thus compromise the operation? That’s a scary thought there, but with all the heat going on now about the problems this caused, I would suspect they would come clean to save their asses. I have not gotten the impression that anyone on team Obama puts country above either their own hide or their party.

It doesn’t stop there though. Why, when it’s noticed that weapons from the US are popping up and being used in crimes, the doubling down by them and the pretending they have control. Once the weapons crossed the border they lost any ability to track them. Did they have people inside the Cartels that where giving them intel? Shit, why the need for this operation then? Was this suddenly going to give them some kind of leverage to bring charges? This scenario is so implausible and dumb that it doesn’t even merit the time.

What they did get is the ATF in Mexico reporting that they noticed a pattern of US weapons being used to commit crimes in Mexico! Then those pesky guards went and got killed. There is a connection between that and Team Obama intimidating witnesses. Of course those of us pointing that out are just conspiracy nuts. Everyone knows that a Nobel Peace prize winner and great worldly statesman like Obama would never try to pull such a stunt to advance a key platform on the left –to disarm the stupid proles – at a time when the courts where smashing them for their overreach and unconstitutional gun control measures.

UPDATE: Seems the Feds where also not too concerned with doing back ground checks on the people used in this operation to the point where they let criminals buy the guns. No wonder they are not disclosing any details. The more you know, the more obvious it is that this was never about actually building a criminal case against anyone.

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    What do you expect?, it tarnishes the sterling silver lining of the Obama Administration.
    Now it seems that someone at the White House knew about it too.

    in the recent hearings more information is comming out such as:

    ** In the fall of 2009, ATF officials in Mexico began noticing a spike in guns recovered at Mexican crime scenes. Many of those guns traced directly to an ongoing investigation out of ATF‟s Phoenix Field Division.

    **As Operation Fast and Furious progressed, there were numerous recoveries of large weapons caches in Mexico. These heavy-duty weapons included AK-47s, AR-15s, and even Barrett .50 caliber rifles – the preferred weapons of drug cartels.

    **At a March 5, 2010 briefing, ATF intelligence analysts told ATF and DOJ leadership that the number of firearms bought by known straw purchasers had exceeded the 1,000 mark. The briefing also made clear these weapons were ending up in Mexico.

    ** ATF and DOJ leadership kept their own personnel in Mexico and Mexican government officials totally in the dark about all aspects of Fast and Furious. Meanwhile, ATF officials in Mexico grew increasingly worried about the number of weapons recovered in Mexico that traced back to an ongoing investigation out of ATF‟s Phoenix Field Division.

    ** ATF officials in Mexico raised their concerns about the number of weapons recovered up the chain of command to ATF leadership in Washington, D.C. Instead of acting decisively to end Fast and Furious, the senior leadership at both ATF and DOJ praised the investigation and the positive results it had produced. Frustrations reached a boiling point, leading former ATF Attaché Darren Gil to engage in screaming matches with his supervisor, International Affairs Chief Daniel Kumor, about the need to shut down the Phoenix-based investigation.

    ** In spite of assurances that the program would be shut down as early as March 2010, it took the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent in December 2010 to actually bring the program to a close.

    ** ATF officials in Mexico finally realized the truth: ATF was allowing guns to walk. By withholding this critical information from its own personnel in Mexico, ATF jeopardized relations between the U.S. and Mexico.

    ** The high-risk tactics of cessation of surveillance, gunwalking, and non-interdiction of weapons that ATF used in Fast and Furious went against the core of ATF‟s mission, as well as the training and field experience of its agents. These flaws inherent in Operation Fast and Furious made tragic consequences inevitable.

    Oh yeah and a number of the Straw purchasers were FBI informants too.

    OH and it seems the STATE department OKed weapons sales to a Mexican company that was set up by the Zeata cartel.

    naw, we are just imagining it, the ATF would never deliberately loose track of thousands for firearms, that they allowed to be purchased by known smugglers and cartel allies….

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Yeah, but it is all nutty conspiracy talk on our part, because Obama is a saint with a Nobel Peace Prize fer Christ sake, and only some real evil Macciavelian bastard would pull a stunt like this……

    Shit scratch that “for Christ” comment. If I ever go bat shit and commit a crime they might label me a christian because I mentioned christ.

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