Best quote I have seen comes from this Yahoo article about job cuts in Obama’s America from Howard Davidowitz:

Still, the restructuring expert is a longtime and vocal critic of President Obama: “There has never been in a situation in my lifetime where a guy increases the debt by 40%, GDP growth is on the way down, Food Stamps are up, millions more are unemployed — and to accomplish this we spent $4 trillion.”

Four trillion flushed down the tubes and all this stuff is trending in the wrong direction still. That’s perspective. Should make the Keynesians rethink their approach. No, not that it should have been 8 trillion, maybe 12 trillion, to get it to work, but that what they believe in doesn’t work.

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  1. TxAg94

    They just took the approach to “improving” schools and scaled it up. No surprise throwing money at useless crap, to be gobbled up by entities and people who have no chance of making any real difference, hasn’t solved anything.

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  2. Dave D

    I’m guessing that three yers of bHo times 1.4 trillion defecit per year gives about 4 trillion?

    That will increase by at least 4 trillion EVERY 3 years given their own predictions of future defecits. Remember the good old days when GWB only borrowed a piddly one or two trillion every five years to get his programs done? Fuck that…….

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  3. AlexInCT *

    Dave D already addressed a possible connection, and he was relatively conservative on the numbers as I heard the last 3 years of BHO spending have tacked on far more than $5 trillion. We of course have had no budget for the last couple of years, on purpose so the party that was supposed to put that together could avoid a bigger massacre at the polls in 2010 if people could really see how much money they are pissing away, so there is no telling. But I think the number could be referring to our current annual budget, which is close to that $4 trillion figure, too.

    The fact is that government is spending at a rate now that’s beyond the insanity of any of their predecessors. We have run annual deficits that are closer to two trillion for the first 2 years, then followed them with numbers between $1.5-1.85 trillion, projecting them out at least for the next decade. By the end 2018 they will have tacked $15 trillion in new debt. And these crooks, like a crack addict that is hitting the pipe 10 times a day and now is demanding to be able to do so 13 times a day before he rolls any of that drug use back, can’t be trusted to do anything but spend whatever they take in plus lots more if we let them do what they want.

    People are just not understanding how impossible what we have going on is. Even if government was raking in 50% or more of GDP they wouldn’t be able to pay for the deficits they are running now. And we have not even seen the consequences of Obamacare on our annual deficits yet.

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