Monday Music Mixer, Died Too Soon Edition

This week is going to be hectic for me. I am working this tournament in Stanford. We got thru the qualies this weekend, a monster draw. But I wanted to throw something up related to the passing of Amy Winehouse, who was found dead yesterday in her London apartment. The things that she did to her ( put in) her body was tabloid fodder for the last few years. She made John Belushi look like a choir boy. It does not surprise anyone that she OD’ed (not confirmed yet pending an autopsy, but you can bet it will be drug related). A great talent self destructing, not news, but what is one hell of a coincidence is the number of greats that offed themselves (self induced, either intentionally or not) at 27.

So there is this week’s theme, any music you like by either these unlucky 27ers, or from anyone that died too soon.

Amy gets top billing:

She should have gone to rehab after all, I liked her style.

Although I never saw Janis live, I’m not THAT old, the Filmore auditorium was part of my childhood, Big Brother recorded this at the Filmore.

How about some teen spirit?

Who Do You Love? -Jim Morrison

Half of Lynyrd Skynyrd died in a plane crash ala Buddy Holly, one of my favorites, Simple Man.

Yep, people die, but that does not mean we have to like it.

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  1. CM

    This week is going to be hectic for me. I am working this tournament in Stanford. We got thru the qualies this weekend, a monster draw.

    Good luck with the tournament Rich. Go Marina Erakovic!

    As for the Winehouse death, I liked Russell Brand’s blog on it today…
    (I used to spend a bit of time in the areas he’s talking about as I lived 10 minutes walk away. I saw Brand there once)

    Another example of someone failing to negotiate their Saturn Return?

    Easy to poke yourself square in the eye
    Harder to like yourself, harder to try
    These are espouses
    Postcards and neoprene
    Roses a dollar a stem
    Everyone’s sleeping or pulling the long haul and
    Keys in the cooler its three A.M.

    And Saturn is beckoning no one
    It’s off on its own
    It’s offering up

    Late shift can bring in store, burn out the lights
    Telescope roof towards the northwestern sky
    You pulled the ladder and no one’s the wiser
    You find your sights and discover

    Saturn is orbiting nothing
    He’s off on its own
    He’s breaking from home

    Harder to look yourself square in the eye
    Easy to take off

    You found the ladder in the pattern of your wrist
    You’ve seen and you’ve marked horizons
    Mother was difficult, she made you cry
    Cover the mirror, look to the sky
    You climbed into your rocketship trying
    Lift up and hold out your hands

    Saturn is orbiting nothing
    He’s off on its own
    He’s breaking from home

    Saturn is orbiting nothing
    He’s off on its own
    He’s breaking from home

    Saturn returns when you chase down its moons
    Throw them into a new gravity
    Harder to look yourself square in the eye
    Easy to poke yourself, easy as pie
    Easy to take off, harder to fly
    Harder to wake Galileo

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    To me she was just another celeb train wreck worth 73 points in the dead pool (I’ve got Lindsey Lohan & Britney Spears in there as well). Didn’t listen to her music, so I can’t tell if I liked it or not (most likely not – what passes for music any more I consider to generally be total crap).

    Why the age of 27? I think it’s how long it takes a self-destructive personality to finally push their luck past the point of no return. Figure they get started on killing themselves in their late teens/early twenties – have a few close calls, get reigned back in a bit (friends, family, manager, whomever), and then they tell their handlers to go fuck themselves while they hole up in a sleazy motel and indulge in one last bender.

    If they manage to make it past 30 then they typically don’t have what it takes to indulge in outright suicidal behavior (Robert Downey Jr. for example)

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  3. hist_ed

    She was a talented loser. (SO, give her a listen, her music was not typical of much of anything being produced right now).

    I remember when Cobain took his 20 bore exit. I was working a retail store is Seattle-except for the boss every employee was in their 20s-we were all Seattle natives growing up during the grunge explosion (we had many a Pearl Jam Vs Nirvana debate) and a bunch of us were on a break as the news came over the radio. There were some tears, some “Oh my god” with everyone looking helpless, one girl seriously talked about going home sick. I looked at another girl-total metal head, show going, rocker chick into Nirvana and everything else going on, and we both said something close to “What a fucking loser, LOOOOOOOSER!” There were gasps, everyone else was silent and the “I’m going home sick” girl barely talked to me for weeks after.

    Anyway, Winehouse had some talent-which she proceeded to destroy as soon as she got a butt load of money. What a loser.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    I was on a trawler out of Dutch Harbor when the word came in about Cobain. I remember thinking “who the fuck is Curt Cobain, and why are all these ex-cons I’m working with so ripped up about it”.

    One of the guys told me to drop by his room as I “had to listen to this stuff”. So I did. And it was all shit. Then he played the other band for me. It was shit too. Sounded just like the first shit. I decided the whole Pearl Jam vs Nirvana debate was like discussing which fresh turd on a hot sidewalk more disgusting to smell.

    Grunge: When you can’t write music or sing, you stop bathing and turn out this crap.

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  5. AlexInCT

    I was just not going to comment on this to start with, because I have nothing good to say about her or her music, but I seriously don’t see why people liked her that much. I understand the principle of “To each his own” however, so there you have it. However, that she ended up like this doesn’t surprise me at all and I even believe this kind of death was her own prediction. I am almost inclinded to say she did this as a last desperate cry for attention. And if it is that then it is real sad.

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  6. Miguelito

    I had to chuckle at people who’s first reaction was, “Oh.. how’d she die?” Um, duh.

    They might find a way to say it was natural causes, but it’d still be due to the massive damage the drugs did.

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  7. Miguelito

    I always thought it was so stupid how many people turned out crying and lighting candles and all for some random guy that happened to have some talent but couldn’t handle the fame. Same for people like John Lennon.

    Sure, someone died tragically young, by killing themselves (either quickly or slowly) or being killed but get over it. They just made music (or movies or whatever depending on who it was)

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  8. Mississippi Yankee

    Her single “Rehab” brought her to the attention of US listener but she was pretty well known in the UK by then,
    She also was a pretty fair torch singer a’ la Billie Holliday and Janis Joplin (Piece of my Heart, Ball and Chain ect.)

    Perhaps the best example of her style is the title cut from “Back to Black”. Powerful song and a powerful voice. She just wasn’t very good with, or didn’t understand, recreational drugs I suppose.

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  9. Seattle Outcast

    I want Lohan to last long enough to degrade herself by making a few porn flicks before she manages to kill herself. After putting up with her in the news constantly for the last decade, the least she can do for us is participate in a couple gangbang flicks…..

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