Punch Chris Instead

Somethings in life defy logic and 2 of those head smackers are : Given their abysmally low ratings, how is MSNBC still on the air, and why would any politician not a flaming fringe lefty even bother to go on that network? Granted most heavy hitters don’t bother, the 12 or so viewers that regularly watch, they are converts anyway, why sing to the choir? Trolls like Debbie Wildebeast Shultz and Alan Geico Caveman Grayson have been regulars but I think that’s because of all the free MSNBC gear they get, the staffers love wearing that crap. But back to the grown ups, why serious folks would appear, that was the conundrum, until I saw this exchange:

This is what Alan West should have done. Despite all the support he has received today, the old saying about wrestling with a pig/getting dirty certainly applies here, wallowing in the mud is something THEY do, they are good at it and don’t mind the dirt, but now I think he regrets the email and wishes his cooler head had prevailed.

But what Joe Walsh has demonstrated to us is that if you want to let ‘er rip, go on Mr. Tinkles’ show, he isn’t going to listen anyway, you won’t convince the baker’s dozen worth of viewers that he is a nimrod (that is why they like him) and he lost all credibility years ago as being a serious anything, go on and have fun. Use it as a cleansing experience, a catharsis, clear out your carburetor and feel invigorated. And I hope every single guest who ever goes on his show rips him about that tingly leg comment, that is his cross that he needs to bare for the rest of his professional (ha) career. That was probably better for Joe than 40 minutes on the treadmill.

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  1. Kimpost

    I’d suggest another strategy. Continue to go on these shows, but remove the microphone and just leave the set if it gets out of hand. I would have stayed on arguing with Matthews myself, that’s how weak I am. But the wise thing to do would be to politely state that this isn’t going anywhere because you’re not allowed to respond, and then just leave with a thank you, hoping that the next time will be better.

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  2. AlexInCT

    You missed the exchange between that ditz Contessa Brewer and Rep. Brooks that took place earlier this week on that joke of a netwrok as well. I was going to post on that but forgot to do it last night and can’t do it from work because they block YouTube here, and without the video of that cow getting ambushed and whacked while trying to ambush Brooks, it wouldn’t do the post justice. It is just priceless and esential to have the video to show how much of a waste of time PMS-NBC really is. I will post that hopefully tonight when I get home.

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  3. AlexInCT

    I used to feel that way too Kimpost. That is until a few recent events where conservatives showed up with their own cameras, albeit often hidden, on these shows – and especially MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC, and then had the networks simply edit the taped sections in the most dishonest way possible, to make them look bad of course, only to then have them put out their own video showing how much bullshit the rigged news reports where all about. In fact, Even when doing live shows, I never recommend a conservative go on camera anywhere without their own crew to record everything, because they are almost always guaranteed that the LSM scumbags will screw them over in the editing room. Then you can leave assholes like Matthews holding the bag and make sure he just doesn’t edit the tapes to make it look like he won the argument.

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  4. AlexInCT

    Maybe I am biased Rich, but I didn’t think she recoverd at all. She has a degree from Syracuse – and as someone that did some engineering study at SU, I know that most of those media and communication people that where there had much higher opinions of their abilities and worth than was warranted, by far – and she, like msot of these retards in that media school, is used to pulling dumb shit like this. By her own logic, since she doesn’t have a damned economics degree herself, nobody should take her economic stance seriously. She thought she had a gotcah moment, only she was the idiot.

    Once you try to discredit the person that tells you you are wrong, by calling into question their credentials of all things, especially when you have none to back you up yourself, only to then find out they do have the background, I think you know that you have just crashed and burned. I know this is SOP on the left – the practice of dismissing what others you don’t like believe in, say, or do – and quite a few of them are at least smart enough to do research before doing something as dumb as she did, but she didn’t know, and went there anyway.

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  5. balthazar

    If by recovering, you mean ignoring his credentials and just skipping on her merry way, then yep she recovered GREAT!!!

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  6. richtaylor365 *

    It was a nice recovery. The condescending sanctimonious anchor never in a million years thought she would get that answer, she knew she had him, not bothering to do even a cursory amount of background first, otherwise she would not have asked, but once she caught it right between the eyes, there was no slack jawing, no stuttering, no “god, do I look like an ass?”, she just kept tap dancing.

    Not like Juan Williams, Contesse is a real pro.

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  7. Kimpost

    I agree with Rich. I thought she did well, considering she got owned. She hardly blinked, and then moved on.

    As a side note she was pretty professional about the whole interview. She sure as hell wasn’t Matthews. I haven’t seem her before, but judging by that interview she might be one of the honest ones at MSNBC.

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  8. richtaylor365 *

    That was the first time I saw the entire interview, he actually got a chance to speak. I agree about her being professional, not use to seeing that at MSNBC.

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  9. Mississippi Yankee

    …she just kept tap dancing.

    Not like Juan Williams, Contesse is a real pro.

    A real pro[fessional] what… dancer?

    This disingenuous bint got her tit caught in a wringer and rather then admit her poor judgement she flashed you her other, undamaged, tit and your fine with that. No need for integrity here, lets just move on.

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