Liar in chief…

Yes, that’s about Obama, whom like a host of other democrats with aspirations to the high office or held the office, seem to be reality challenged. Remember Obama talking about his poor uninsured “Momma”? That was damned lie.

“Thus he wrote in ‘Dreams from My Father’ that he lamented seeing his mother ‘suffering because of a broken [American] health care system.’ But he ignores the fact that in her hour of need, Stanley Ann, an intelligent, highly educated woman then living in Indonesia, chose America’s health care system above all others. And it wasn’t the system that failed her. In fact, she was quite fortunate to receive the best of care at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (and later the Straub Clinic in Hawaii).”

Are we to believe that Stanley Ann’s medical co-payments were beyond the means of her loving son, who by this time was a Harvard Law School graduate flush with a six-digit signing bonus for his first book? Moreover, are we as Americans to tear down the finest health care system in the world based on – let’s be honest enough to call them what they are – lies?

Like all leftists he just lied to impart the importance of the whole thing, you know. It’s about emotions, not real facts, and why tell just small lies when an avalanche of lies can do the trick. Not like the complicit LSM will call him out on his bullshit either. One is safer assuming these scumbags – and especially Obama – are just lying from the start, than to pretend that’s not the case.

Yeah, I know. I am such a racist for pointing stuff like this out. BTW, Bill Clinton and John Kerry are lying fucks too, so what does that make me?

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  1. CM

    Remember Obama talking about his poor uninsured “Momma”?

    I don’t see him saying she wasn’t insured, just that they worried about the ‘pre-existing condition’ aspect of whether a claim would be accepted. Which is what happened, but with the disability aspect of it. Might be a crucial aspect, but still no need to be inaccurate.

    Politifact rate Obama’s claims as ‘Barely True’.

    It was the disability insurance company that refused to pay because they said her cancer was a pre-existing condition, according to the book.

    A Singular Woman goes into detail about Dunham’s financial situation at the time she became sick. Dunham made a modest salary and sometimes struggled to pay her bills, according to the book. She was worried about the costs of her treatment, and the disability insurance would have eased her concerns.

    Dunham filed several rounds of paperwork trying to convince the insurance company to pay the disability insurance, intended as a replacement for lost wages. At one point, Dunham told the insurance company that she would be turning the matter over to “my son and attorney, Barack Obama.” Dunham died Nov. 7, 1995.

    Scott concluded that Obama’s memories of the matter were faulty. “Though he often suggested that she was denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition, it appears from her correspondence that she was only denied disability coverage.”

    The book was published in May. In July, the New York Times reported that the White House finally responded to their repeated requests about the book’s findings. (Scott, the book’s author, was a reporter with the New York Times who left the paper to finish the book.) The White House chose not to dispute the findings.

    “We have not reviewed the letters or other material on which the author bases her account,” a White House spokesman, Nicholas Papas, told the Times. “The president has told this story based on his recollection of events that took place more than 15 years ago.”

    Papas also said the story was still relevant. “She first could not get a response from the insurance company, then was refused coverage. This personal history of the president’s speaks powerfully to the impact of pre-existing condition limits on insurance protection from health care costs,” he told the Times.

    But as the Times story notes, disability insurance was not at issue during the health care debate.

    Normally, we steer clear of fact-checks about politicians’ families or claims that are less than timely. But Obama used the anecdote to make a case for a significant change in the law that affected the national health care system. We find Scott’s reporting and the New York Times story to be compelling evidence that he got a crucial detail wrong, and the White House did not dispute that. His mother was fighting for insurance payments as she was dying, but for disability insurance, not health insurance, as her son said he remembered.

    Like all leftists he just lied

    And all conservatives are morons ;-)

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  2. CM

    I should add that I certainly don’t think he should have used her story. It wasn’t an accurate example of what he was trying to argue. In offering the story as an argument for ending pre-existing condition exclusions by health insurers, I agree that Obama left the clear impression that his mother’s fight was over health benefits for medical expenses.
    It was misleading.

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  3. Poosh

    So her did lie. An intelligent man like Obama would remember such details, he would not “miss-remember” them.

    That being said, doesn’t it feel “wrong” to demand people who are affected by – say – cancer, have to pay for their treatment? I hear stories – I don’t know if they’re true or not – of entire families having to give away most of their hard-earned wealth, just to fund the medical bills of their ill child. Fund raising to pay to heal your baby boy?

    It doesn’t feel right, man!

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