Premature What?

Some heady topics of late, but most of our legal scholars aren’t biting. It appears that I’m going to have to lower the bar a bit,how low? I’m donning my shades, raincoat, and alternative ID, we will now enter the salacious world of kimpost perversion. Check out this Brit commercial hawking some anti perspiration spray…………holy cow:

What a difference the Atlantic Ocean makes. How many subliminal grabs did you spot? What does hot lesbian make out sessions have to do with deodorant spray? It got you hot, didn’t it? This poor girl can’t make up her mind what outfit to wear, are all English girls this flighty? You have spanking the horny monkey, the thorough pole cleaning, the rack splitting split milk, the absolutely horrible job she did washing that car, oh, and nice pom poms.

For all the material those Euro weenies give us with the hoidy toidy attitudes, their cluelessness about creeping Sharia, and the condescension about our debt problems, they sure do have us beat wrt topical and provocative commercials. Folks, it’s only jiggling breasts, don’t get all constipated.

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  1. CM

    When I was living there a battle was going on between Lucy Pinder and Keeley Hazell for the top Pin Up Girl. Evidence from both camps was constantly everywhere. I think Keeley won when her (very decent) sex tape came out. Inevitably then on course Pinder’s came out too.

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  2. InsipiD

    I thought it was only Axe in North America. Yeah, it’s called Lynx and is just as big a joke there as anywhere else. The scent of douchey bros everywhere.

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  3. Kimpost

    I just googled it and apparently Lynx is the name in UK and Oceania. Axe is what it’s called everywhere else.

    Are the premature perspiration ads really too much for US-TV?

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  4. JimK

    On the topic of scent…I have been getting compliments from every woman that gets near enough to smell me for about a year now. So what happened a year ago?

    I started rocking the old school, basic, traditional Old Spice cologne and Old Spice “Swagger” deodorant. Swagger smells more like traditional old spice than “original” deodorant does IMHO.

    Old Spice. People mock it, the marketing campaign is all about the body wash (which is too sweet and girly) but old school Old Spice? Ladies LOVE that shit, young and old alike. And they don’t even know why. If you are outside of the US you have a better chance at getting the original formulation of the original scent as well. You’ll know because it’ll be in a ceramic bottle, not plastic. Even better than what we get in the US.

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