Guess who is trying to resurect “Don’t ask, don’t tell”?

And it ain’t those “Neanderthal conservative theocrats” as the leftists like to label anyone that has any kind of reservations about the whole deal. No more suspense – It’s Barrak Hussein Obama:

(Washington, DC) – The Obama Department of Justice is filing an emergency motion with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals pleading with the court to reconsider its order vacating the stay. The Ninth Circuit last week removed a stay against the worldwide injunction awarded in Log Cabin Republicans v. United States, effectively halting ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

Read the article linked. Obama’s DOJ isn’t doing this to give the military time to deal with the needed changes to accommodate the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and to block some court’s rulling the military shouldn’t be given time to prepare, especially while 3 or more wars are going on, but is is filling the request to get the military to re-institute prosecution and discharge of gays.

Of course, republicans and conservatives still are the homophobes.. :)

I wonder when the LSM is going to make abig stink of this latest revelation, huh?

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  1. Kimpost

    Eh? That was an interesting spin? The Obama administration explicitly said that they wanted a repeal in orderly fashion, with sufficient time. Aren’t they just asking for courts to stop “speeding the process up”?

    This was even named as an argument for the repeal. “If we don’t repeal it, courts likely will.”

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  2. AlexInCT *

    No, this motion isn’t to give the military time to adapt to either the congress passing the repeal or the the legal ruling by a hack judge demanding it be done yesterday, but to force the military which has stopped prosecuting “Don’t ask, don’t tell” cases already, to keep doing just that. If they wanted to give the military time, they would have filed an injunction demanding the rulling by the judge be thrown out in order to give the military the wanted time to comply with the law passed by congress. Not demand the courts make the military dishonorably discharge gays again.

    The point here Kimpost is that the Obama administration says one thing and does another. So yes, there is a spin here, but the spin is coming from Obama and his people who say one thing when they need money from gay democrat donors, then do everything they can to undermine the promises they make.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    LOL! CNN? Fuck I would trust news from Bagdad Bob more than i would CNN. Especially when it comes to covering for these douchebags.

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  4. Kimpost

    Ok, fine let’s have it your way. The administration repealed DADT to gain gay votes, but they secretly have no plans whatsoever to end it because they, well…. just don’t want homosexuals to serve.

    Sounds reasonable and very plausible. Certainly a winning strategy.

    Or maybe not…

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  5. InsipiD

    What is his motivation, then? He’s not winning over anyone to his side by blocking it now. I don’t see what he has to gain unless there are some people currently under court-martial who somebody thinks need to go.

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  6. Kimpost

    My guess is that Obama’s doing it to tell the courts to stay out of the process entirely until it’s been dismantled in an orderly fashion. He’s likely listening to his military advisers. Obama’s willing to let the process take time. Years even, probably, while gay activist groups aren’t as willing to wait.

    In short they aren’t happy with “it’s done when it’s done”. They are pressuring the administration for a timetable.

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  7. Rann

    I’m sure the people currently undergoing court martial solely because of their sexuality are quite happy with how willing you are to throw them under the bus for the sake of not putting any undue pressure on Obama.

    I hear Obama’s looking for more time to spend with his kids. I’m sure some private guilty of getting a hardon from looking at the wrong stuff would be perfectly willing to do a stretch in Leavenworth so as not to interrupt a tea party or cut into Barack’s handicap.

    Because sacrifices need to be made so that things can be done “the right way”, that being the Democrat way on the Democrat timetable. A little jail time doing hard labor is such a small sacrifice for Democrats to be able to feel they got things done the proper, slow, drag-out-those-issues-to-keep-promising-to-fight-them way…

    … Oh, and to make people that don’t even live in this country feel better about themselves. Forgot that one. Time behind bars and a Dishonorable Discharge following you the rest of your civilian life is peanuts next to Kimpost feeling satisfied that the process was followed.

    By the way, in case you can’t tell, I’m saying that you don’t actually give a shit about gay people and are simply being a partisan hack on behalf of a party you can’t even vote for. And if you find that assessment insulting, then I assure you, I find you taking that position far more insulting. And before you start complaining “I didn’t say that at all!”, perhaps you’d like to explain just how else you so blithely ignored the whole matter of court martials for gay soldiers in order to post “Obama is just trying to do the right thing!” to us.

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  8. Kimpost

    What are you talking about? The administration should be put under pressure for allowing Pentagon to drag their feet on the issue. What I’m objecting to, are ludicrous speculation (sometimes veiled, sometimes outspoken) regarding the motives behind the actions.

    As a side note, I never accepted the premise of that a repeal would put soldiers in harms way. This. first of all, because I never believed it would be. And secondly; Even if it did, it wouldn’t have mattered. Discrimination would still have to go…

    Regardless of how Obama handles this situation, he’ll be criticized. Either he’s screwing the military by putting people in harms way, or he’s screwing homosexuals for not moving fast enough.

    And incidentally, according to the CNN article, it seems like they are weeks away from certification, not months or years.

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  9. Mississippi Yankee

    Do they really send people to Leavenworth for breaking DADT?

    Oh and Kimpost:
    “Don’t be a drag, be a Queen”

    /Lady GaGa/

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