Obama Moves Right

If true, this is pretty stunning:

Here’s what appears to have been in the $4 trillion deal [Obama] offered the Republicans: A two-year increase in the Medicare eligibility age. Chained-CPI, which amounts to a $200 billion cut to Social Security benefits. A tax-reform component that would raise $800 billion and preempt the expiration of the Bush tax cuts — which would mean, for those following along at home, that the deal would only include half as much revenue as the fiscal commission recommended, and when you add the effect of making the Bush tax cuts a permanent part of the code, would net out to a tax cut of more than $3 trillion when compared to current law.

Obama said that the retirement age was on the table, which actually places him to the right of many Republicans. His base would explode and he would almost certainly get a primary challenge. But it would be a massive step on the road to fiscal sanity. And it’s a big step by the Democrats.

At some point, however, the Democrats are going to stop making concessions. And the GOP will have to decide — do they really want to fix the budget? Or do they just want an issue to attack the President in 2012? As I watch them, I worry that the really don’t want a deal in which spending cuts can also be hung on them. Clinton did a two-step in 1996, both claiming credit for welfare reform and blaming Republicans for it. It’s likely Obama will do the same thing on entitlements. But we’re beyond caring about the politics.

Update: Predictably, reliably, the Left is having a hissy fit. How dare Obama exercise a modicum of fiscal responsibility?

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I read it as a panic move due to the election cycle; numerous reports and analysis of Obama’s administration, and him personally, show a re-election campaign in total panic over the sobering reality that Obama will likely lose against almost any GOP candidate due to the shambles he’s made of the economy.

    Solution: shift blame to GOP and present yourself as centrist.

    Doubt it’s going to work – he doesn’t really understand just what sort of monster he’s created with Keynesian spending beyond what even Ted Kennedy would have dared….

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  2. Kimpost

    There won’t be a long term deal, and part of the reason is demonstrated in this thread. There’s no trust. Why deal with people you don’t trust? So forget about it. What will happen is that you’ll keep kicking the bucket down the road, a couple of months at the time, to ultimately see what happens after the 2012 election. Of course that means that serious recovery is out of the question until then, but whatever…

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  3. mikedomi39

    I don’t know why you are surprised. he has been saying for months that all options should be on the table. If I am stunned in any way, its that he finally got a coherent proposal out ther for us peoons to peruse.

    And Obama didnt wreck the economy.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    And Obama didnt wreck the economy.

    No, he just kept digging the hole deeper and deeper, telling everyone that he found the route to China

    More evidence that Obama is a pragmatist, not an ideologue.

    I don’t see how a politician telling lies during an election cycle is pragmatism…

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