Defining Wealth

A technological Sword of Damocles, welcome to the 21st. century. A modern progression, being surrounded by creature comforts makes you reliant, taking those comforts for granted so that when they are removed or disrupted, chaos ensues. To wit, this morning I awake and fire up the computer like I do every morning, but this morning is different. No, not the blue screen of death, much much worse, no internet connection. After doing the usual trouble shooting and wasting about 2 hours with AT&T tech support (customer service is dead, forget ever getting help over the phone, you will have much more luck finding a mated pair of dodo’s) I find out that there is an outage of some sort in my area with no time estimate for repair.

Sadly, I am a creature of habit and do not like being taken out of my comfort zone. Each morning is usually the same, grinding my coffee beans, spreading out the local paper and the WSJ on the kitchen table with Foxnews in the background, after my second cup of coffee I go to my office and get on line. First stop is usually to see what you trouble makers are up to then on to the news of the day. All this was waylayed this morning, bastards. So I hit the tennis courts and ran some errands with my internet connection restored when I got back:

Ah ha, I knew “the rich” were good for something, so all technological advancements and the subsequent drop in prices for newer and better models are all because the rich ponied up the cash to be first in line. So I guess I can wait for the iphone12, when it will be about 20 bucks, cool.

Although I am happy to get my life line back to the outside world, it is disconcerting to find out how my life can get placed on it’s head so easily by something so innocuous as the internet, must reevaluate.

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  1. CM

    I replaced my home pc hard-drive and bought and installed Windows 7 but screwed something up royally that was beyond my limited abilities and so the pc had to go to the shop for 24 hours to get fixed. It was a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong 24 hours. And (of course) they had to reinstall Windows in the end so now I’m in the middle of hours of reloading programs and files…..

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  2. JimK

    I freak out a little when I don’t have internet. Luckily I live in an area loaded with free wifi, and I have a rooted smartphone that I can tether, so these days it’s never an issue. But 5-8 years ago? Not having net access would make me into RAGEBOY with the quickness.

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    If my internet goes down, I start to get antsy, nervous, fidgeting… about that time i grab a rifle and hit the range…..

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