Barely Stupid

Women have come a long way (in Non Sharia compliant countries of course) in modern society, the right to vote, the right of choice wrt their own bodies, and the right to show the world what boobs they are by publicly exposing their boobs:

There have been historical marches upon our Nation’s capital in the past, but none like this one! For the first time in the history of our nation, women will remove their bra in public for no other political agenda than the right of baring their chest in public.

Gotopless women have chosen Aug 26, 2012 for this revolutionary event because Aug 26 IS Women’s Equality Day. Almost one hundred years earlier on that day, our constitution was giving women the equal right to vote. Today, in the second decade of the 21st century, women have a new equal rights struggle: the right to go barebreasted in public

Nothing says ,”I deserve respect” more than removing your top in public. This is why the Muslim world hates us. And what better place to really show your independence from a patriarchal society then a city that already allows your risky stunt. As an obvious necessary accommodation to members of Congress, boobs in public have long been legal in the District of Columbia.

Those on the west coast who can’t afford the gas money to drive east shan’t be left out. The same clenched fist in the air/women power will be exercised in Venice Beach next month, Wahoo.

At this moment on Venice Beach women cannot go topless, so in complete constitutional equality, the men will cover their chest as well. Will men with bikini tops look ridiculous? Maybe, but constitutionally, so do women in this double standard legal topless battle.

Before anyone marks their calenders and plans for a day of ooggling, any man more then say 14 knows that there are some truly grotesque breasts out there, and consistent with the practice that unusually ugly women are usually the one’s that make a public outcry against rape, for every nice rack exposed there will be 10 gag reflexers. Don’t believe me? Here is the Breasts Not Bombs demonstration they had in Berkeley a few years ago. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The issue with public nudity isn’t the nudity itself. It’s the quality of the nudity.

    People with attractive bodies don’t show it for free, only the fugs do.

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  2. InsipiD

    Don’t believe me? Here is the Breasts Not Bombs demonstration they had in Berkeley a few years ago.

    Warning or not, there ain’t no way in hell I’m clicking that. I remember vividly seeing a couple of pierced ones that I didn’t want to see, because I didn’t say no as quick as my friend said yes when the view was offered. His opinion was that you need to see as many as possible to know the good from the bad. I think I can tell the good from the bad through the sweater, and I don’t need a closer look at the bad ones.

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  3. Nexus

    I think I can tell the good from the bad through the sweater, and I don’t need a closer look at the bad ones.

    This is probably the only way the bad ones can get anyone to look at them.

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  4. Kimpost

    I must stress here, that It is not enough to just being able “to tell the good from the bad through the sweater”. The good ones need to be examined very closely, in detail! All, in the interest of science, of course.

    Besides. Haven’t you guys heard that anyone can love the beautiful, but It takes a man to stomach the ugly! ;)

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  5. AlexInCT

    What was that WVR? Cause all I got from them was that when your tits are hanging down to your knees because you didn’t support them, it is not cool.

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  6. mrblume

    This is why the Muslim world hates us.

    Exactly. It isn’t decades of bombing ( = killing their children). Or supporting Israel. It’s the boobs. Also, the freedom. They hate our freedom.

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  7. AlexInCT

    Are you going to get all serious on us and tell us ugly chicks need love too, like that Jamaican guy I went to high school with that told me quality of sex was overrated but quantity was the bomb, and to get quantity quick you had to hit the fuglies hard?

    I understand the philosophy that dictates you should try things at least once to be able to properly discuss it, but in this case I think I took a pass. I don’t know. I might be missing out big time here, but I am not sure it would bother me much that I have done that.

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  8. richtaylor365 *

    Warning or not, there ain’t no way in hell I’m clicking that.

    I’m impressed, what will power. If I add ,”It’s worse then you think”, would that tempt you?

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  9. Kimpost

    Hahahaha. Our man-gang actually had a motto. “Quantity is quality”. We were childish back in the days. We still are, but to a much lesser degree. I still like boobs, though. Preferably nice ones, in plain sight.

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  10. InsipiD

    No. For one thing, I’m pretty sure that’s the set of pics that Lee posted a few years ago. It was gross. For another, I’ve been fortunate enough to see some really nice ones, and I’m not curious to see any more bad ones.

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  11. richtaylor365 *

    Damn, and I thought I found something so stomach wretching revolting, so ,”I’m going to stab my eyeballs with a fork”, so ,” God, take me now, I don’t want to live another second”, and you go and ruin it for me.

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  12. JimK

    All I’m saying is, 2/3rds of the American public are officially medically overweight or obese. I know what MY mantits look like all a-resting on my belly bump.

    I’m pretty fucking sure I don’t want to see the female equivalent every day. BUT:

    I will wade through acres of sewage for a glass of fresh water. And I live in a college town. I’m likely to see a much higher ratio of good-to-bad. SO…okay. Let;s do this.

    Also, the libertarian in me says “Well of course it’s fucking stupid that they can’t. The law should be as neutral as we can make it, so get ‘em out, ladies, sock-tits, mini-bumps and everything in between. Have a parade. Fuck it.”

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  13. AlexInCT

    All right then Kimpost, I accede that you are a much better man than I am if you were able to pull this off. I tried. I seriously did. Real hard. But I just could not get past the first one.

    And any man that doesn’t like boobs, especially the nice ones, well, let’s just say nature was cruel to them by denying them the pleasure of great assets.

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  14. hist_ed

    I clicked, I looked, and I even followed a link to another site. There was the bearded person with big tits-the photographer wasn’t sure about gender. There were also about as many penises on display as tits. My favorite is the scrotum inflation guy-he blows up his sack to the size of a basketball-alas he didn’t on the first link, but follow another link and there it is.

    Now, think about that while you are trying to eat lunch.

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  15. HARLEY

    hey man dont knock the fat/ugly chicks, they try harder too, best blowjob i ever got was from a chunky gal… even better than that crazy whore i was seeing.

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  16. hist_ed

    OK Harley, you win that one. Something strangely compelling about Buck thought. He (she?) kinda, well, hmmmmmmmmmmm

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  17. Kimpost

    Buck Angel, Harley. Christ! :)

    You made me google the, eh… person. And I found eh… her riding a sybian at the Howard Stern show.

    It doesn’t feel right.

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  18. Section8

    There was the bearded person with big tits-the photographer wasn’t sure about gender.

    I think it’s Torbin Bell (Jigsaw). At least it looks that way to me.

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