Much Ado About Nothing?

Patriotism, how important is it? Should all Americans possess it? And is it important to wear one’s patriotism prominently on one’s sleeve (or label, more on that in a minute)?

The city of Eugene Oregon has caused quite a kerfuffle over their refusal to say the Pledge of Allegiance, how brave they must feel:

I feel like punching a hippie.

OK, seriously, is anyone offended by this? These little communal bastions of the proletariat must show how hip, wordly, and above petty patriotism they can be. They have an American flag in their council room, I saw it, that should be enough, no UN flags predominantly displayed, give them credit for that.

I doubt cities like Berkeley, Santa Cruz, or really any university town for that matter says the pledge before business. Most schools have already removed the practice of the recital, it seems like an antiquated practice to me. I have nothing against saying the pledge and would expect Tea Party meetings, Boy Scout meetings, or maybe NRA meetings would keep the tradition alive. But am I incensed that the land of hairy armpits, infrequent bathing and hash brownies don’t get jazzed by patriotism? Not in the least. As long as you are a productive citizen (paying taxes and not sucking up social dollars) you keep sporting those tie dye t shirts and forgoing haircuts,”Don’t let The Man tell you what to do”.

And whether Obama likes to wear American Flag pins on his label (I think he was shamed into it, initially), another “Who Cares” vote for me.

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  1. hist_ed

    Most schools have already removed the practice of the recital,

    Almost every public school in the country recites it daily.

    For many of them it might be the only positive message students get about the United States.

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    even my local redneck highschool does not recite it…..shame.,

    And whether Obama likes to wear American Flag pins on his label

    isnt that lapel?

    I hate to be the grammar nazi, but,

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Oregon is its own type of liberal. I lived in Medford for a decade, and got a pretty good feel for the state.

    The Portland – Eugene stretch and the suburbs are filled with people that dream of being even more progressive than Seattle or San Francisco, but are constantly stymied by the redneck loggers, fishermen, ranchers, and farmers throughout the rest of the state.

    No sales tax, but the state income tax is stupidly high, and you can’t pump your own gas. There is no liberal cause so stupid that someone in Eugene won’t suck its cock.

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  4. JimK

    Sweet mother of all, Harley correcting grammar?


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  5. hist_ed

    What state?

    You made me look it up. 36 states required the pledge to be recited in all public schools 6 more gives schools the option of requiring it (this is likely mostly decided at the district and not individual school level). Only 6 states require all students to recite the pledge (including Illinois interestingly). Those states are actually in violation of Supreme Court precedent which says that individual students can;t be required to recite the pledge. They can be required to be silent and not disrupt its recitation, but you can’t make students recite the pledge.

    (can’t get the link thingy to work damn it)

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  6. richtaylor365 *


    The last time my son had to recite the pledge, it was in elementary school (I just asked him), so all through middle school and two years of high school, no pledge.

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    Just to be obtuse, should we not as libertarians, pledge of allegiance to the Constitution, and not a flag, that represents the Imperial Federal Government?

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  8. Orpheus

    In my opinion the flag doesn’t represent the federal government at all. It represents the union of the states, which is why it takes the form of a star for each state and a bar for each original colony.

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  9. balthazar

    MK4 1942 long branch. Its been modified for sport hunting. Standard mods. Shortened bottom hand guard. Top wooden handguard removed. Back iron sight removed for a scope. It hasnt been used in over a decade.

    Im going to need to work on the bolt a little, some mineral oil and some minor cleaning and it will be good as new!

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