Maddow Under Fire

Hmm. Not so fun when it happens to you, is it?

Following the announcement on Friday of same sex marriage legalization in New York, Rachel Maddow made a comment on her MSNBC show — a comment which invited a backlash Maddow could not have expected.

“Obama is against what just happened” she said, to express that the president had not supported marriage equality; something Maddow has pointed out numerous times. The MSNBC host is correct in so far as Obama has not lobbied in support of same sex marriage — his so-called “evolving” position on the issue has culminated in his calling New York’s vote “a good thing.” But Maddow’s comment invited a backlash on Twitter from Obama fans, and some of the criticism was heated.

Those of us who have criticized Obama know exactly what was thrown at her. She was accused of lying, accused of being a hater, accused of being racist — all because she happened to say something that was true, which is that Barack Obama has stated, multiple times, his opposition to gay marriage.

Leftie critics of Obama are surprised when his happens, even though they frequently engage in such invective themselves. Think Maddow will ponder this the next time she nods as some dim-bulb guest says the Obamacare opposition is fueled by racism?

Are those crickets I hear?

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