Greenpeace Punks VW

The capitalist pig consumer in me loves clever commercials. Anything witty, satirical, or makes fun of those that deserve, well, to be made fun off, and it takes more than a scantily clad woman with a nice rack, although that doesn’t hurt. If I’m visibly out loud laughing or on the flip side getting my heart strings pulled, I’m more apt to pay attention and take their product seriously.

The bigs of showcasing new commercials is the Superbowl (which reminds me, this fricking NLF lock out better end damn quick or I’m going postal), and what stole the show last time was this VW ad:

Solid gold, it blew everything else up like a death star zapping Alderaan.

Fast forward several months to this new Greenpeace ad, see something similar?

Those AGW weenies, can’t leave well enough alone, good plug for VW though. I hope George Lucas sues the crap out of them. You would think Greenpeace would find easier targets over at Hummer or even GM, they make those massive boat size SUVS. VW makes small cars, you know, gas efficient vehicles. Greenpeace masquerades as the Rebel Alliance (don’t they have some fishing boat to harass?) but this ad does not move me or cause me to shun VW in any way. Yes, they are late to the party wrt electric and hybrid vehicles, but their stuff is popular in America, and you know that those elitists in Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston are slurping up Jetta’s with the rest of us.

Some PSA’s work. This PETA PSA ran about a year ago, not bad, I liked watching the ad with a plate of ribs in front of me.

My all time favorite PSA is a seat belt ad, tell me this does not punch you right in the mouth with it’s simplicity and effectiveness, if you have anything (or anyone) to live for, buckle up, enough said.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I don’t like VW vehicles because they are the preferred car of asshole drivers, just like Volvo is the preferred car of clueless drivers.

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  2. hist_ed

    I bet they don’t like VW because VW is big into diesels which compete with and undermine the holy hybrids (Jetta diesel gets about the same mileage as the Prius without any hippies spit or patchouli oil required). Can’t undermine the rituals of the faith and the solutions of the Gore (Peace be upon him).

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  3. InsipiD

    Rich, you’re falling for too much of VW’s greenwashed image, built on the backs of their (rare) halo TDi vehicles. I hate Greenpeace and their ad, and it’s not right for them to so shamelessly use VW’s trademarks just like PeTA shouldn’t use KFC’s or McDonald’s. However, you’re forgetting that VW is responsible for just as many gas guzzlers as GM is worldwide. Do you know what a Bugatti Veyron is? Bentley Continental? VW Phaeton? Audi R8? Audi RS6? VW Touareg? I remember when the Touareg came out, one of the car magazines said “do you know what’s smaller than a Chevy Trailblazer, heavier than a Chevy Tahoe, and uses more gas than either one?” They were talking about the V8 Touareg. VW doesn’t deserve a better eco-rep than GM any more than Toyota does.

    Besides, VW drivers are generally insufferably liberal twits. If they didn’t absolutely adore the idea of driving a VW, then VW would’ve been out of the US market a long time ago. I would never recommend a VW to people used to mainstream Japanese or Domestic models because they would never stand for some of the WTF problems that they’ll have with a VW once it’s about 5 years old. Worse, their parts cost what BMW parts do, not what Ford or Nissan parts do.

    I’m with JimK on being in favor of more diesels, but I’d be just fine with them not being VWs. When it comes to fighting Greenpeace, I’m on their side, but VW doesn’t have a friend in me for much else.

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  4. AlexInCT

    Indiana Jones.. what are you doing in my neck of the woods?

    Spielberg: [holding the knife] Well well, Indiana Jones. What you doin’ in our neck of the woods? [menacing] Now let’s see you just drop them pants!
    Indy: Drop?
    Spielberg: Just take ‘em right off.
    Indy: Uh what do you guys want?
    Lucas: Don’t say anything, just do it. And pull off that little ol’ biddy. The shirt there, too. [Indy takes off his clothes]
    Spielberg: Them panties. Take ‘em off. [Indy reluctantly removes his briefs. Spielberg turns and throws his knife into a nearby tree and goes after Indy. Indy turns and runs, but Spielberg chases him down and tackles him.] There, boy! I bet you can squeal! I bet you can squeal like a pig! [twists Indy’s left ear lobe] Come on, squeal. Squeal now. Squ-squeal! [Indy tries each time, but can’t do it] WEEEE! Squeal.
    Indy: We-eee!
    Spielberg: Squeal louder. WEEEE!
    Indy: [at the same time] Weee!
    Spielberg: Louder louder! WEEEE!
    Indy: [at the same time] Weee!
    Spielberg: Louder! Get down there boy! [has Indy on his knees and mounts him. Lucas cackles softly] Get them britches down.
    Indy: No…
    Spielberg: Yessir! Come on, squeal! WEEEEEE!
    Indy: [squeezes his eyes shut] Weee!
    Spielberg: WEEEEEE! [Lucas grunts excitedly] Weeee!

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    I hope nobody thought I am partial or was sticking up for VW, I just liked their little Vadar commercial and was ticked at Greenpeace for piggybacking on it. Never owned a VW or a Ranged Rover, for the obvious reasons.

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  6. Miguelito

    The first car my sister bought (at age 18 and stupidly out of jealousy because I had hit 16 and our parents were going to get me a used car instead of her) was a VW Fox. It was a complete piece of shit. It missed being legally branded a lemon by like 3days. Even several years later when I inherited it for a time, and despite her then husband (a mechanic) doing tons of work and keeping up with maint, it was still falling apart and rode like crap. I’d never by a VW after my experiences with that thing.

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  7. loserlame

    Volkswagen means “the wagon/vehicle of/by/for the people” . What people? Well theres that famous pic of Hitler admiring one, so Nazi ozone-depleting crap it is….

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  8. CM

    My all time favorite PSA is a seat belt ad, tell me this does not punch you right in the mouth with it’s simplicity and effectiveness, if you have anything (or anyone) to live for, buckle up, enough said.

    Yeah that’s a good one.
    Our traffic safety or ‘drunk driving’ ones constantly try to outdo each other in terms of shockingness.

    Needless to say, “Mark, the car’s on fire” is applied to pretty much anything these days.

    My favourite was this one about intersections
    Here’s the most recent intersection one
    Creepy as shit.

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  9. richtaylor365 *

    Your problem is obvious, not only is your steering wheel misplaced, but you guys drive on the wrong bloody side of the road.

    Those DUI PSA’s were great, we need some of those over here. How about one where their car overturns on some desolate road in the middle of the night, they all get ejected (no seatbelts, bollocks) then while lying there writhing in pain a pack of wild dingo’s comes by and decides they could use a snack, too subtle?

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  10. InsipiD

    Those last two (especially the second to last) have to have been really expensive to make since they smashed up a bunch of working cars to make it. Those are incredibly shocking to run on normal TV.

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  11. CM

    Your problem is obvious, not only is your steering wheel misplaced, but you guys drive on the wrong bloody side of the road.


    Yeah, the problem with going down the ‘shock’ route is that you then have to then keep upping the shock value. There are quite a few more of the DUI ones, some of them even more grim and realistic.

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