A war every lib can love..

That’s class warfare, and Obama delivers big-time! I mean, BIGTIME! It’s no wonder we are now seeing things like this.

Seriously, do the democrats get the fact that even if most Americans would have let them get away with ripping of the productive off in good times, that now, when so many need jobs, this stuff is not just resented, but angers most people? Guess not. If there was only a strategic reserve of hippies Obama could use to temporaraily pretend things are going his way.

BTW, I would love for Obama to show me some of the corporate jest owned by people making $250K or even $500K that he implies is the trade off between kids not getting to attend an institute of higher leftists indoctrination (that’s a college for those of you that are liberal-challenged), food no longer being inspected and kids getting poisoned, and kids being used to excuse whatever stupid the left wants to sell. Well, Obama didn’t say the last one, but he did imply that big government has to cut back, it will do so by getting rid of those things that will cause the most harm to society at large, first, so the kids feel the most pain. Now, where do we see a similar tactic employed whenever state entities have to cut funds, huh?

The usual lapdogs in the LSM all loved the speech however, and are pissed at those pointing out this was nothing more than the usual shit you get from listening to Castro, Chavez, any of the Kims, or all those other glorious leaders of such kinds of social paradises. Pfeh!

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  1. Hal_10000

    Eh, standard bullshit from Obama. I’m more annoyed at the GOP right now. They’re walking away from a deal that would get them 5-1 on spending cuts to tax hikes. They’re either going to end up losing the public or having Obama do a constitutional end-around and get a lot less. Or they’ll blow the debt ceiling and wreck the economy. Maybe Coburn will talk some sense into them.

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  2. richtaylor365

    I thought it was a 3-1 spending cuts to tax hikes, is there any credible source for this new ratio besides that loon Ezra Klein?

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Or they’ll blow the debt ceiling and wreck the economy.

    Economy already wrecked – just how much fucking bondo should they slap on it?

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  4. Hal_10000

    This is from the negotiating teams themselves. They’ve said they have agreement on $2 trillion in cuts. The Dems are asking for $400 billion in revenues. I’m not sure what game the GOP is playing here.

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