From Russia, With Ammo

One of my favorite channels on youtube is FPSRussia, this Russian dude (I bet he gets a lot of chicks with that accent) takes a variety of absolutely kick ass weapons, modifies them to even more badass, then makes videos of shit getting blown up, nothing highbrow here, just some good old fashion carnage.

His latest has to do with a sniper rifle:

I know, I can spit 100 meters, but the farther away stuff is impressive, the head shots at 200 meters, not bad. Yeah, he is cheating a bit using that butt unipod, but what the hell, still a nice grouping.

Other videos he has done, some over the top 12 gauge ammo, ultimax machine gun, and his pimp daddy golden AK 47

I think that is why Sarah gives most men a Louisville woody, she knows her way around guns, she can out shoot you, out fish you, out hike you, and could make you her bitch with minimal effort.

For those interested in sniper psychology, knowing how to deal with both Stockholm Syndrome and Texas Tower Syndrome, a good read is Eric Haney’s book. There is a sequence in the book where he describes a kill in Beruit, lying in the rubble for like 7 hours , motionless, just like Vasily Zaitsev, waiting for that one shot.

Girls and guns, who says we are hard to figure out?

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