Monday Music Mix

Alright kids, ready for something a little different? How about a regular once a week music post, someplace where you can showcase what has got your toe to tapping lately?

When Lee was still running the show he started a somewhat regular thread called ,”What’s on your ipod?”, commenters could flash some of their music chops and share what moves them, it was a great way to get exposed to stuff you might not listen to on your own.

The directions we can take this thing are almost limitless, each week we can have a different theme, style, or genre, or even focus on different time periods, like what decade produced the best stuff? If this post theme is popular then we can continue with it each week, if not, C’est la vie, you guys decide its vitality or mortality.

Before we proceed, some pertinent questions abound. Is the era of the ipod dead? What method do you use to buy music? How do you listen to it? Does anyone still steal music off of the internet? Do you create your own cd’s, store all your music on your computer, or use cloud storage? Has anyone tried the cloud approach from either Apple or Amazon?

And even more relevant, is there anything new out there in the music world that is even worth listening to? The reason I ask is that, for my own self, I don’t listen to FM radio anymore. Maybe if I had XM/Sirius I would, but in the car it is usually a cd going. I am clueless regarding the new stuff that is out there and have no compunction whatsoever to get hip, I don’t watch American Idol, and am not into Beyonce, Gaga, or Taylor Swift. I recognize about 4 or 5 names on this list, but do not own any of this type of music, can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

I still buy music but it is through Amazon. I still own a Sansa music player but have not downloaded anything to it in like 2 years. Most of the time when a particular song comes into my head I will go over to youtube, and if I own the cd then I will put that in the car or computer cd player. Most of the music that I buy is either moderately old or really old, like everything I listened to in high school or college I bought in cd form.

Here is some stuff I recently (within the last year) purchased:

I like live albums, from stuff from my youth

One theme we can use in the future is best live rock albums, I got a lot of them.

The very best of Chicago was also a recent purchase, before they went all bubblegum pop, they could grind ‘em out.

The most ubiquitous group in my collection is The Rippingtons, they have been around for awhile (seen them in concert half a dozen times). One more with David Beniot sitting in on keyboards (probably the best jazz pianist ever, I sat next to him on a flight to Hawaii about 7 years ago, we chatted briefly, I’m a big fan).

Lastly, I’ll give you something by Renee Olstead , she was like 16 years old when she did this song, and anything with Chris Botti in the mix is a bonus. A little eclectic, no doubt, but what a voice.

So, what are you guys listening to lately?

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  1. TxAg94

    I like this idea and have similar problems getting into “new” music. I have had XM since 2001 and NEVER, I repeat NEVER, listen to “terrestrial” radio anymore. I have tried at various times through the years but get frustrated by 10 minutes of music and 50 minutes of useless drivel and commercials in any given hour. Some of the XM channels are going that way but by and large I can find something worth listening to.

    Sadly, I listen to the 80’s channel most of the time. It’s easy listening for me and I have it on while I work. I enjoy it but I don’t have to actively listen to it. And it’s not distracting. I’ve tried a lot of other things but 80’s stuff seems to be way more upbeat than the newer stuff. I hate to sound like my parents but most modern music, at least the stuff that gets mainstream air play, is crap. I’ve heard some good stuff but it’s hard to find. I listen to Nikki Sixx’s channel, which was added to XM recently, and there’s a lot of good rock on there. Unfortunately, they have a limited play list and it gets repetitive quickly.

    Not really specific on songs or bands but I am interested to see what others have to say.

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  2. CM

    Awesome idea about a regular music post – I’m constantly on the look-out for music recommendations too, old or new. I can definitely appreciate much of the current popular music coming out (even Gaga and Katy Perry, lots of current Top 40 stuff), but I’m also a big fan of plenty of ‘old’ stuff too. So long as it sounds good to me (even catchy pop) I’m in. No matter how unfashionable the artist might be, or whether I’m considered too old to like them. I know there’s always music out there worth listening to that I haven’t discovered yet. Sometimes it’ll be new stuff that’s just come out but there are also artists I haven’t even started to explore yet (I’m thinking I might try Nick Cave soon).

    When living in London I made sure I took advantage of being in one of THE great cities to see live music. Artists that would tour to NZ perhaps once every tens years played there every year. Some of the smaller artists that wouldn’t even make it down here were playing every six months or so. It was unreal. I think I must have averaged more than 1 gig a month there for over 4 years – including flying to Dublin to see Springsteen and to Berlin to see REM (I also ended up seeing them the same week at the Brixton Academy, supported by the great Pete Yorn, who I saw headlining his own gig a few days later). So it was a rude shock to come home (although having kids means I would have been struggling to go out as much anyway). In the 5 years I’ve been home I’ve only been to Snow Patrol, Green Day, U2, Ryan Adams (twice), and Band of Horses.

    Unfortunately Rich there are just blank spaces after
    “Here is some stuff I recently (within the last year) purchased:”
    “I like live albums, from stuff from my youth”
    so can’t comment on that. (Still having problems on this pc, the browser doesn’t seem to matter)

    I love albums (so much more depth than collections of singles) and I love owning an album (with the cover art and booklet) so I still buy all music in album form on cd. I’ll then rip onto my pc. I’ve got an iRiver mp3 player which I used everyday in London but it hasn’t had much use since I got back. Mostly I listen to music in the car now (cd, or radio) or at night in bed (bedroom stereo) or on YouTube, or on a TV music channel. MTV Classic has started recently on the pay-tv service we subscribe to and it seems to be targeted at my age (37). Plenty of late 80’s and early to mid 90’s hits.

    Anyway lately I’ve been listening to:
    Beach House
    Dr Dre (The Chronic album)
    Joseph Arthur
    Josh Rouse
    The Black Keys
    Neil Young
    Fleetwood Mac
    and some local NZ stuff you’ll not have heard of

    Last night I put KLF’s ‘The White Room’ on the bedroom stereo. That got my wife rolling her eyes.

    It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I got ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die’.
    A mini review on each, and track-listings, cover art and other photos for many of them too. Very heavy – difficult to hold up in bed. But addictive. Reading it makes me want to buy loads of albums I’ve never heard of.

    Yeah I’ve illegally downloaded some music. Just the odd song. Not a lot. Often it will lead to me buying an album (e.g. Beach House, The Black Keys recently).

    What makes things more expensive for me is that I’m a ‘completist’ in that if I buy an album and like/love it, I’ll usually go buy the back catalogue within a month or so. Dangerous stuff if I’m told to try an artist who had a load of albums under their belt.

    I love reading reviews at and via metacritic. And recommendation lists (reviewers Top 10 albums of the year list).

    All the above applies as much as it possibly can with film too.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    Some of the XM channels are going that way but by and large I can find something worth listening to.

    If I was in my car more I would get XM/Sirius in a red hot minute. My wife got a new car about 6 months ago, came with a 6 month free satellite subscription service, the few times I used her car I kept it on “classic vinyl” all 60’s and 70’s rock, what a treat.

    About a year ago I bought a HD radio for my car, there was some really great stations out there only available in HD, crystal clear, I would recommend this to anyone. It has a “tag” feature on it, when there is a new song I like but don’t know the name of the artist, you hit the tag button, latter on you can down load the tag to a USB thumb drive, I’ve found some cool new artists this way.

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    I think I must have averaged more than 1 gig a month there for over 4 years

    Nice. When I worked down in LA ,my wife (then girlfriend) and I got season tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, the setting is magical, we did like 5 Playboy Jazz Festivals in a row (Kenny G, Rippingtons, Larry Carlton, Dave Kos, Chuck Mangioini, Dace Cruisin, Lee Ritinour, Huey Lewis, Thunderbirds, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kirk Waylum and on and on).

    Unfortunately Rich there are just blank spaces after

    You gotta get that fixed, the only way this post is going to work is if we can share our stuff with other people. Can you access any of the hyperlinks I used? Can you link to youtube stuff in your comments?

    I’m a bit older than you. I’d say Woodstock got me serious into music, although I was young when that happened. Living in the Bay Area, I got exposed to the greats, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Janis Joplin, CCR, Sly, Greatful Dead, Tower of Power, Steve Miller.

    The last few years I have evolved into more of a jazz guy, some stuff I’m fond of:

    David Beniot- Will’s Chill
    Boney James- Just Between Us

    Marc Antoine- Mediterraneo

    couple more

    Nick Drake - Northern Sky

    Gary Jules - Mad World

    There is some country stuff that I like but am pretty fond of, but am mostly ignorant of this genre. I can do without rap.

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  5. santino

    I’ve actually had a revival in new rock thanks to Galaxie Radio , which I get through cable.

    Here’s a sampling.

    Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

    Tokyo Police Club – Bambi

    Phoenix – Lisztomania. CM, if you like Band of Horses you might like this.

    My old standards are Brit Pop (especially Oasis), the Killers, and through influences from the VO I’ve been heavily turned on to Muse

    before they went all bubblegum pop

    Ah, one of my guilty pleasures.

    I like live albums

    I’m the exact opposite, for the most part they sound horrible. You can’t possibly capture the high (I’m talking natural) of being at a concert. I’d much rather listen to a studio album.

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  6. CM

    There are certainly some genres I like more than others, but I can appreciate and enjoy the best of most genres. Including jazz and rap. Will check out those links at home (my pc here at work won’t load anything google related, anything from youtube, and anything embedded – although weirdly yesterday I could watch the embedded graduation video. And sometimes, for 30 mins or so, google home page will load). It’s shit.

    That’s very very cool to have had a season pass for the Hollywood Bowl. Co-incidentally I saw a film last night the Bowl (“Yes Man”) but haven’t seen it before then for many years. Weird how that always happens. Living in the Bay area would have been amazing for all that music.

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  7. richtaylor365 *

    Years ago this site use to have as one of it’s authors this guy out of Portland who played bass for a band that was just on the cusp. In one of these music threads I mentioned that I liked jazz, he turned me on to some stuff, took me days to get through, that guy had some major musical chops, hasn’t been around for a while now.

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  8. richtaylor365 *

    Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

    Something about the uploader is not available in my country, what’s up with that?

    Tokyo Police Club – Bambi

    Very nice :)

    Ah, one of my guilty pleasures.

    I like the old Chicago better, I’ve only listened to this about a million times, another Chicago great.

    I’m the exact opposite, for the most part they sound horrible. You can’t possibly capture the high (I’m talking natural) of being at a concert.

    All true, but for sheer energy, live is where it’s at. The other thing is that sometimes, like with that Closer To Home song I posted, they will change it just a bit, and turn out absolute magic in the process.

    We could do a whole segment just on Canadian bands, Rush, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, that would fill up my whole glove box.

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  9. santino

    Something about the uploader is not available in my country, what’s up with that?

    I’ll have to avoid that part of YouTube. You really should give that song a listen.

    Your Muse link also didn’t work, I’ll take the assist

    I don’t know if I’ve seen too many live concerts better than Muse.

    I like the old Chicago better, I’ve only listened to this about a million times, another Chicago great.

    I still prefer the falsetto of Cetera.

    One more song I forgot, Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People. It’s such a hip song it took me a few listens to realize the dark undertones of the lyrics.

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  10. CM

    I can’t edit my previous post, so I’ll list those artists I’m currently listening to with hyperlinks

    Beach House
    Beach House again
    Dr Dre (The Chronic album)
    Joseph Arthur
    Joseph Arthur againJosh Rouse
    The Black Keys
    The Black Keys again
    Doves again againNeil Young
    Coldplay again

    One’s I forgot earlier for some reason

    Mumford and Sons
    Mumford and Sons again
    Powderfinger (very very under-rated and unappreciated Brisbane band)
    Powderfinger again
    Josh Rouse
    Josh Rouse again

    And here’s come Kiwi stuff I’m liking if you’re interested…

    Avalanche City
    The Naked and Famous
    Dave Dobbyn (an absolute Kiwi legend “national treasure”, this was filmed at my local shops and primary school where my oldest will start in October, and was released about a month before we arrived back after four and a half years away – could not believe it….so a very special song for me)
    Opshop again
    Tiki Taane
    The Black Seeds (yeah that’s Bret from Flight of the Conchords, we don’t have enough people to do music AND comedy)

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  11. CM

    Am currently working my way through the links provided by Rich and Santino….already know and love that Pumped Up For Kicks track.
    As for Oasis, Muse and The Killers – yes, yes and yes.

    Saw Bryan Adams here in Auckland, I had to go with my step-sister as she was too young to go by herself. Also did that with Poison. Classic.

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  12. Dick Fitzwell

    I’m a musician who plays with a number of bands of different styles so I hear a lot of good stuff, bad stuff, so-so stuff…whatever. My taste in music is pretty broad but I mostly listen to jazz. Lately I’ve been getting into some of the funkier stuff like Fat Albert Rotunda by Herbie Hancock. I’ve also been getting a heavy dose of The Meters. They never get old to me. A good compilation of theirs that shows some good New Orleans funk is Zony Mash.

    My main instrument is the bass so I tend to listen to a lot of music where that is prominent. For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder is one of my fave bass lines. Also, almost anything by Jaco Pastorius is good. And this guy will make you look at the bass differently, too.

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  13. richtaylor365 *

    See, this is why I like this subject, you provided some dynamite stuff that I’m too lazy to search for on me on.

    And this guy will make you look at the bass differently, too.

    Genius, more uptown bass, Larry Carlton, the great Jaco Pastorius with Weather Report, and Spyro Gyra’s bass player Scott Ambush can slap you silly.

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  14. richtaylor365 *

    Nice mix of tunes, sadly about half of them I could not get, uploader issues from another country or some such nonsense, but those I could get, nice.

    Dr Dre (The Chronic album)

    I would like to “get” rap, so far no go. Every time I hear it I think of a scene from one of the greatest movies ever made.

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  15. CM

    Uploader issues??! WTF?! Weird. And sad.

    I saw Eminem in the UK. Supported by Cypress Hill (hehehe). Pretty good, although it was an outdoor venue which doesn’t suit rap/hip hop. You lose the intensity.

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  16. Dick Fitzwell

    First of all, Ambush is just ridiculous. I love me some Larry Carlton–you don’t see him playing a Strat too often. I also love Weather Report but I start to tune out after Heavy Weather. For some reason they just didn’t seem to be as consistent after that one (just my opinion). This is one of my favorite Jaco compositions and one of my favorite things that WR ever did.

    Also, I can’t believe I left off one of my favorite bass players. He may not wow you with flash, but Anthony Jackson is solid as a rock. IMO you can never go wrong as long as he’s on a track. Here he is with Michel Camilo on piano and El Negro on drums. Three absolute monsters! Oh to be in that control room…

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