One Comes Home

The pin headed academicians that run our universities, those same clowns that usually run the ROTC out of town and embrace any counter culture fool sporting a CHE T-shirt, get a bad rap because by and large they don’t have much use for our military. This Dean made up for it in spades:

Good job Cal Poly, kudos both to the school admin. and the folks in the crowd that paid tribute to this warrior.

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  1. JimK

    It must be some sort of miracle technology in the video that is spreading this very masculine moisture in the eyes.

    It’s the only explanation that makes sense, right? I mean, we’re all so goddamned rugged, there’s no way that we all had an emotional reaction.

    That’s my story. Miracle technology spread through video frames. Some kind of secret experiment on the moisture production of a human eye.

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