This is why we should not let them impose any new taxes!

These taxes are not to do anything good, they are, Geithner’s own words, so big government can stay big:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the House Small Business Committee on Wednesday that the Obama administration believes taxes on small business must increase so the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs.”

The administration’s plan to raise the tax rate on small businesses is part of its plan to raise taxes on all Americans who make more than $250,000 per year—including businesses that file taxes the same way individuals and families do.

Fuck no! Was I clear enough? Starve the f-ing beast and break this dive into oblivion these bastards have us on as soon as possible.

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  1. CM

    I watched the video. I’m not sure really understand most of what he said. She mostly ignored it and concluded with “Well….you’re wrong”.

    By the way, if I used such a source – “ relies on individuals like you to help us report the news the liberal media distort and ignore” you’d be laughing me out of town.

    I generally agree that raising taxes on small businesses isn’t a great idea though. Of course, as pointed out in another thread, the administration can point out that Obama has cut taxes on businesses 17 times (a claim that Politifact said is ‘Mostly True’).

    Out of interest you actively point it out (and celebrate) when taxes are reduced?

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  2. Hal_10000

    Starving the beast has been an absolute total failure as a fiscal strategy. It’s like trying to quite smoking by hiding your cigarettes from yourself. Balance the budget first. And if we end up with a surplus, then we can talk about cutting taxes.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    Balance the budget indeed, but balance it against current government income, not current government spending. I do not want this kabuki show to continue, and people that feel like me are not just in the majority, but getting fed up, with it all. And sooner than later the elitists ripping us off and destroyign the country will face the consequences, like they did in 2010, because people are now feeling the pinch far more as these scumbags do their best to destroy the economy.

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