Open Mike, Insert Foot

I love “oops” moments. A lonely airline pilot is (I assume) telling his copilot about his unlucky hunting trips in Chicago and Houston, but instead of using the “in flight” line, he is broadcasting live to whoever can pick up the frequency.

Funny stuff. In the relative scheme of things, this infraction is not blowing up my skirt. Yeah, the guy is a pig (and a homophobe) but let’s remember that he thought this conversation was between him and his buddy, who for all we know, might be of the same bigoted persuasion. It’s not like he came to work drunk, high, or was doing barrel rolls with the plane for kicks. I see this as pretty small potatoes. And isn’t he speaking the truth about the lack of bagable stewardess that populate the skies these day? Anybody flown lately? I don’t see that many “Grande’s”-nice-, but the grannies? you betcha.

The pilot has now been suspended and must go through sensitivity training, yes, that will civilize him for sure. The airline got embarrassed so they had to do something, but let’s not fly off the handle, this is more funny then egregious.

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