We Need Another Warning Label

What is it with us humans that we naturally gravitate towards dangerous activities? As if smoking was not bad enough, take a look at these purveyors of death:

It could be worse, he could be doing that other thing men do in the shower.

OK, how many health hazards did you count in this 2 minute video? And given that our planet is dying, is really a good idea to just leave the water running? Not very ecologically sound or environmentally friendly.

Why no condoms? Talk about risk taking.

I like the idea of multi tasking, ripping one off in the shower can free up at least 15 minutes, time for 3 business calls.

I suspect that when Kathleen Sebelius gets a whiff of this video, not only is Mr. Sebelius going to get the shock of his life tomorrow morning shower time, but air bags will be required for all new shower installations, either that or seatbelts, which ever cost more.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The worst mistake is letting her know where he lives. Next time, stay at her place and bail after breakfast.

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