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Arab Spring, the economy, the national debt, unemployment, all timely events blog worthy, but what are folks really talking about? what, you think all we do is fluff pieces?

I’m not one of those curmudgeon types who bad mouth beauty pageants, I actually look forward to them. For comedic value they are the gift that keeps on giving, and the embarrassing nudie picks that follow are always worth the wait.

For my own tastes I think the winner is much too skinny. Here is some of the swimsuit competition, definitely worth the 8 minutes spent.

But I wanted to discuss the question/answer part of the pageant:

Tough questions, they could speed up the process with a little rapid fire ,”Spit or swallow” ,”Massengill or Summer’s Eve” ,”The football or basketball team”. I guess Miss California’s answer was the best, throwing in that buzz word “economy”, nice. Miss Tennessee, the hottest one in the group, colossal fail with that answer, send her to law school. Miss Texas, ho hum, men are horn dogs, does this surprise you? Admit that decisions like this are strictly financial, am I better off with or without him, it all boils down to that. Miss Alabama, what was that? OK, maybe you are hotter then miss Tennessee, but how about if we weigh each case on it’s own merits and not make bad behavior always the cause for some mentally ill victim offing themselves.

I noticed that boob jobs are now dé·classé, good on them.

Let’s see how long the winner can keep her crown. The normal path is that scandal usually follows, like the winner getting found out that she sold her kids to the circus or she use to work for Howard Dean.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Since the line between “beauty queen” and “aspiring porn star” seems to be fading, perhaps part of the competition should be the judges scoring them on the quality of their blowjobs, lesbian orgy participation, and bonus points for anal sex and deep throat….

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