Remember when…

I posted here that I was reserving my judgment until he was actually gone-gone and got told that was a done deal? Well, hate to break it to ya, but Rep. Weiner has still not rewsigned and is doing business as usual.

Congress waited for Anthony Weiner to say he’s leaving — and now it’s waiting for him to clean out his desk. Although the randy rep. announced Thursday that he was quitting after seven terms, he still has to submit a resignation letter to House Speaker John Boehner that says which day will be his last serving his Brooklyn-Queens constituents. Even after that happens, his staff will stay on, and his offices — in the Capitol and New York — will be run by the House clerk, officials said.

“Our offices will be open and fully staffed on Monday,” Dave Arnold, who has served as Weiner’s congressional spokesman, said yesterday.
Weiner resigned after he admitted to having online liaisons with six women while married — sending them photos of his crotch and exchanging steamy messages over Facebook and e-mail. Every day Weiner puts off his official departure date enlarges his congressional pension. But so far no one has pushed for Weiner to clear out of the Capitol.

Like I said: this ain’t over till he is actually gone-gone, and thus far, he isn’t looking like he has any interest of vacating the offices or losing his pension growth. That fat lady isn’t singing for Anthony yet.

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  1. InsipiD

    By saying he’ll resign, he’s gotten the public pressure off. Anyone saying anything now looks like beating a dead horse. He’s probably buying himself at least a couple of weeks to remove further incidents from computers and build pension days. Given his druthers, he’d try to hang out until his term, and indeed his seat, expire.

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  2. Rann

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he does try to do this. And if anyone does call him on it, if he just claims that he’s trying to put off putting his constituents through the difficulties of a special election or something. “The regular election is only a year away! I’ll just hang out until then. For your sake.”

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