Pigs On A Train

Lately, I have been reading way too many stories with the recurring theme being ,”Get some effing manners, you douche”. Lack of civility, it’s every where.

I was all set to write a post about this incident . Make a long story short, Mr. Pantshangingtoolow, just as he was boarding a plane, was cautioned about his attire and was asked to pull his pants up, he refused. He was then forcibly removed off of the plane and charged with the whole shebang:

was charged with trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. He’s being held in a San Mateo County jail in Redwood City.

Needless to say, he is now sorry and wished he had handled it differently, no shit.

One of the things I always hate about stories like this is that we don’t know how things went down, how was he warned, what did he do or say that constitutes a refusal, was he given proper time to comply or did the airline person have a hair trigger fuse, what were the dots? Naturally all this stuff will come out in court but was it worth inconveniencing all the other passengers, and more importantly, could it have been handled better? Check out the video of mom making every excuse in the book for her thug son, racism, that’s what it is, pure simple racism.

But then I saw this story, which fit the mold much better because not only do we have pigs acting badly in public, but we have a video, yahooo:

Loud cell-phone talkers strike again!

A woman traveling on New York’s Metro North train line was recorded by a fellow passenger telling train employees that she is too “well-educated” to be told to quiet down and not use profanity in her cell-phone conversation.

“Do you know what schools I’ve been to? How well-educated I am?” she asks the train employee, who is seen explaining to another employee that she asked the passenger to stop using the “F-bomb.”

“I’m sorry do you think I’m a little hoodlum?” she asks, then demands her money back and dares the conductor to stop the train.

I would bet my kid’s college money that this tramp is a big time Obama supporter.

The video is priceless and proof positive that a college education does not in itself make you civilized or socially acceptable to interact with humans. I think Ms. Frizzyhair also has that stick shoved too far up her bumm with this ,”Don’t touch me, rule number one, do not touch me”, over and over.

Get that bitch’s name and ban her from riding the train for one month, she will soon learn that mass transportation is a privilege not a right and if she wants to come back, she has to learn to play nice with others.

Liberals, the whole world revolves around them, they so easily bring out the Charles Whitman in all of us.

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  1. InsipiD

    If you want to know how mean liberals can be, I’ll tell you that you can find out more than you’d ever want to know specifically about her since someone saw the video and outed her on Gawker.

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  2. Kimpost

    She’s a woman, fairly young, ethnic, rides the metro in New York. I’d say those facts themselves point towards her voting democrat. I’d call the odds for that being somewhere between 70-30 and 80-20.

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    Solution to the twit on the train.
    Backhand her like a lil bitch.

    She’s a woman, fairly young, ethnic, rides the metro in New York. I’d say those facts themselves point towards her voting democrat

    That a really sad statement. the fact that a persons political leanings can be easily deduced by the skin color, sex, and location they live.

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  4. InsipiD

    Is that another way of saying that you can’t count on ethnics or women to have some intellectual honesty and only vote by color/sex? And that assumption was made by a foreign liberal.

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  5. Kimpost

    I merely called the odds based on demographics, I don’t know the lady. There could be circumstances in her life that would make me change my mind. Her family could be Republican, she might not be from New York and this could have been her first ride on the Metro.

    All we really know is that she acted like a spoiled brat. Since she’s now been filmed, outed, and become the Internet laughing stock of the day, it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually felt bad.

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  6. InsipiD

    She should feel bad. What she did was disgusting, and if it hadn’t been recorded by somebody’s phone, she would’ve probably complained about the conductor and tried to get her fired.

    This happens to somebody somewhere every day. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end (as I have), you’d never do it to someone else.

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  7. richtaylor365 *


    Ah, no, the story was about the piggish behavior of one train rider, we were all just placing bets as to her party affiliation, care to play?

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  8. Seattle Outcast

    I’ve met a number of women like her in my life – “my shit don’t stink” doesn’t even start to cover the amount of awe these people see when they look in the mirror.

    Education does not equal class, manners, or even intelligence in a great many cases. What it means is that you managed to find a school that would take your money…

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  9. CM

    Things may be different over there, but here I haven’t noticed any political affiliation making a greater claim to morons. In my experience morons are morons first and foremost. If they claim some sort of political opinion, it’s usually only because they heard someone else saying something and managed to remember a few words.

    Off topic but just saw this….awesome

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  10. InsipiD

    Not claims to morons, claim to assholes. We don’t know specifically her affiliation, but the Gawker crowd that outed her tends to be somewhat left of Khrushchev and nearly Stalinesque sometimes.

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  11. richtaylor365 *

    Things may be different over there

    Yes, they are, you see (and I’ve mentioned this before) we like to have a bit of fun from time to time. Did you see this part?

    care to play?

    We are engaging in some levity, no existential or epistemological pursuits here, just some good old fashioned liberal ragging. And I noticed that you did not take the bet, you must in your heart of hearts agree with us that behavior that obnoxious and hawdy could only come from a lefty.

    If every time we make fun of someone or use some stereotyping for some good natured ribbing you are going to “shush” us and tell us to sit up straight and eat our vegetables, this is going to be dull and you are going to come off as a stick up the bum sour puss.

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  12. richtaylor365 *

    jesus, you guys going to start lamenting the cancellation of “All My Children” now? Both of you are reenforcing every negative stereotype written about leftys. Tell me, how many pair of shoes do you have?

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  13. Kimpost

    Hahahaha. Fuck, I just knew it still wasn’t cool with Broadway. I’m tempted to call a press conference, telling everyone I was hacked. But that would undoubtedly lead to pictures of my package surfacing all over the place, so I’ll just issue a brief statement and move on.

    Dear people of right-thinking. My account has been hacked (by a prankster, so I’m not going to go to the police). The hacker put “my” apparent appreciation for Broadway on public display.

    Not only is it not true, but it was evil. Needless to say this has caused me and my family great distress. My manhood has taken a serious hit, to the extent that I now need the soundtrack from Cats to be able to perform sexually.

    I’ve issued this statement, hoping that we can now put this all behind us and move on. I’ll personally go on with my Heavy Metal-therapy, and with any luck this will be the end of it, and I’ll get my normal depraved sex life back.

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