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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I think so – Americans love a scandal, and we love politicians caught up in one. Unless he was a Kennedy he was doomed the moment this got out.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    First time I’ve ever seen anyone resign for not having sex. The big mistake he made was lying to his friends and having them go out and repeat those lies on TV. He burned his bridges with his stupidity.

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  3. AlexInCT

    Weiner has apparently told people he intends to resign.

    Sounds like that “I won’t get you pregenant” kind of promise until I actually see him reigned and gone. And I would not be surpised to find out he finally bowed out for a promise not to investigate him. The last few tidbits that came out put him firmly in the sex offender candidate list. Don’t worry though. If the dems are letting him go, they have some other cushy job lined up for him.

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  4. CM

    We thought everything that could be said about Anthony Weiner’s lewd photo scandal had been said. But Eliana Benador, a former influential neoconservative public relations operative, has proved us wrong.

    Writing for the “Communities” section of the Washingtom Times’ website, Benador argues that the Twitter scandal shows that … the Jewish Weiner might have converted to Islam!

    Benador, who is currently the U.S.-based “goodwill ambassador” for a group of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, advances an argument that is fairly difficult to follow, but it seems to go like this: Because a New York imam was quoted in the press seeming to take Weiner’s side in the matter, and because Muslims (supposedly) practice deception as part of their faith, it’s possible that Weiner is secretly a Muslim convert who is still presenting himself to the world as a Jew.

    Arabic for right-wingers:

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  5. loserlame

    Weiners still a Dem, and they’re open and progressive folks what brought us out of the Dark Ages not 3 years ago. Surely they should keep him in office?

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  6. Kimpost

    1. There were no pictures of Vitter, nor were there transcripts of Facebook conversations. With Weiner it got very graphic.
    2. Weiner wasn’t popular among colleagues in Washington, which meant that few were going to stick up for him.
    3. Weiner repeatedly lied to the press. Not only that but he did so in a condescending way. He made them his enemies. Vitter apologized immediately after he was revealed.
    4. Another Vitter would probably(?) not survive in today’s media climate either.

    I’m not saying that one is worse than the other (if anything I think that Vitter probably was), but those are the facts that I believe made the difference.

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