So, who is buying this?

What you ask? Well, when they got caught favoring a certain candidate’s campaign and coffers, Google came out and claimed innocence. After all, Google is making big money while others are struggling.

Google denied Wednesday that it gave President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign special access to a new advertising program, something a sales representative from the search and advertising giant had claimed in an email to customers. The new ad program would charge clients for every email address (or other piece of user data) they collect. The program is attractive to campaigns eager for that information, so when a staffer at the National Republican Senatorial Committee saw what appeared to be an Obama ad built on this technology on the RealClearPolitics website last month, she emailed a Google sales rep to ask about creating a similar ad campaign for Republicans.

The saleswoman, Sirene Abou-Chakra, replied by suggesting that Obama had a special deal. “This is a pre-alpha product that is being released to a select few clients,” she wrote in an email, referring to the first stage of a product’s roll-out. “I’d be happy to get you into the beta if you’re interested.” A similar email went out to at least one other Republican digital media firm, a Republican source said. “It certainly raises some red flags that the Obama campaign appears to have been given special access to a new online advertising product,” said NRSC communications director Brian Walsh in response to an inquiry from POLITICO.

But Google spokesman Jake Parrilo denied strenuously that the Obama campaign had been granted special access to the pilot program, and chalked the email up to inaccurate “puffery” by the sales representative. The ad that appeared on RealClearPolitics, he said, was not a Google ad at all.

Shya! Just like it isn’t obvious to those paying attention that whatever system Google uses to bring up & rank its search choices heavily seem to favor a certain ideologically when the subject is politically expedient. Where are the angry leftists that hate mega-corporations buying elections these days when you need them huh? Maybe they are busy protesting war number four or five. Can’t keep track of all the new ones Obama has going. He doesn’t need to worry! Google has his back!

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The first clue I had that Google was evil was their farce of a motto “Don’t Be Evil”.

    I have since switched to other search engines as I have no desire to help fund that pack of assholes.

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  2. Kimpost

    What’s with all these so called “evil” corporations? :) Is Google more Evil than Apple or Sony? Are Exxon or Philip Morris more evil than IBM or Microsoft?

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  3. loserlame

    Proof of everything abounds across the Internets.A Google search using keywords “evil + Apple/Sony/Exxon” will reveal all the facts by proven experts.

    evil bush =101,000,000 0.24 seconds

    evil obama = 105,000,000 0.08s seconds

    The Google had to look longer for Bushs results because big oil is profiting from the added electricity needed.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    Evil companies:


    Companies that need a swift kick:

    Microsoft (for generally ruining any company/product they acquire)
    Starbucks (for mass-marketing 2nd rate coffee at premium prices)
    Wal-Mart (because their stores are filled with slobbering, unwashed idiots)

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  5. JimK

    I’m too deep on Google. Been with them since they were upstarts against Yahoo and Jeeves. Almost every service they offer, I use in some way and I’m too goddamned tired to give a shit what they know about me or to whom they give campaign money. My phone, my email, my sites, shit Google tells me where to go when I drive and where I’ve been when I ride my bike.

    There’s no hope for me, but if you can get out, more power to you.

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