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  1. Section8

    I don’t know why these two just don’t run for office. Penn sounds reasonable, and since Teller doesn’t talk he won’t spout out constant goofy gaffes like the last VP candidate, Joe Biden.

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  2. Rann

    Probably because as far as we’ve come culturally, we’ve still got a little too much prudishness left culturally to elect a man who holds a patent for a kind of hot tub specifically designed to pleasure a woman’s genital area.

    Which in a better world might be a campaign point in his favor, but overall I doubt he’d have a chance in hell. Frankly, he’s just too honest about what he thinks, on every damn thing, and has committed a whole fuckton of what he thinks to film. He’s got actual transparency, not phony feel-good transparency, and in actual politics that would wind up sinking him like a stone.

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  3. loserlame

    Penn is just an actor. Look at what Reagan did (/Euro off). Ir we’re gonna elect actors Sean Penn is more than just an actor and illusionist, hes real, and a rebel revolutionary..

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