Weiner Under Fire

Under pressure from within his own party, Anthony Weiner is going to seek treatment. For what, I have no idea. “Seeking treatment” seems to be part of the atonement process these days, no matter what it is that you’ve done. I’ve worked in places that treated people for drug addiction and other self-destructive behavior but I’m not sure how you treat creepiness and stupidity. Is he claiming that sending pictures to hot women is an “addiction”? How do you treat that? Aversion therapy, maybe? I think a lot of people would volunteer to smack Weiner in the head every time he uses twitter.

In any case, I think he’d doomed. Pelosi and other Democrats have turned on him with a speed and vehemence that has been strangely lacking when Democrats have been accused of actual corruption and criminal activity. I have no idea why they’re so gung-ho about this one. My guess is that they are concerned about his re-election prospects and want a chance to slip in a new candidate. Either that or they regard embarrassing the party as a bigger crime than … well, crime.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    It’s all a big con, and has been since the job market for people with degrees in psychology became glutted. Not enough legitimate business available? No problem, just create a new condition to be “treated”, and cash in on the suckers. “Sex Addiction” doesn’t really exist for the most part – the number of people that truly suffer from sexual compulsion disorder is so fucking small that you can most likely round all of them up from the entire world and stuff them in a movie theater with plenty of room left over.

    It’s now a cottage industry for people in the public eye (politics, Hollywood, etc) caught behaving like generic sluts. The amount of instant worldwide public expose and attention they get from basically acting like billions of other people has produced a generic script for them to follow.

    1) get busted
    2) denial
    3) confession via press conference
    4) “rehab”
    5) continue doing as before, only more attention to not getting caught

    The only difference in this particular case was that his wife wasn’t standing next to him during the press conference. Good for her – she didn’t cave in and degrade herself for his rapidly disintegrating political career.

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  2. Rann

    I think his big crime was being a Democrat scandal when ramping up for a Presidential election year, one that the Democrats and their supporters aren’t quite as confident about as they’d like to seem. They’re getting ready to do the “We’re the REAL squeaky-clean family values party (just don’t hold us to it)” thing by playing up Obama as a family man of strong integrity as part of his character campaigning. Having to have the supporters pipe up with the usual “Well Democrats aren’t the party of family values” excuse just before ramping that up isn’t going to be very helpful.

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  3. richtaylor365

    Another good thing about this story is they have shown us where the Democrat “icky” point is.

    Don’t pay your taxes………..OK
    Defraud the government while being a slumlord?……….OK
    Getting a hummer from a chubby intern while talking policy with an ally………OK
    Setting up your gay boyfriend with a cushy government job……………OK
    But sending pictures of your dick into the blogosphere………..not OK

    At least now we know they have some standards of decorum.

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  4. loserlame

    Aye, I read this and had to laugh. Weiners going to “plan some private time out, to gain needed introspectation, look to his insides for the answers” something really deep – his appendix, maybe.

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  5. AlexInCT

    This is all a distraction and a diversion, and frankly, it needs to leave the news cycle so we can focus on the real important things.

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  6. Kimpost

    And today some Ginger Lee speaks out on the issue, after having hired a celebrity lawyer (Gloria Allred no less) of course. She’s suffered great emotional and physical stress because of this. Even though she didn’t sext him, nor did she receive any pictures from him.

    He did apparently advice her to lie about their communications.

    The pathetic story just won’t die!


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