Slutty Thinking?

Call me a curmudgeon but I find 99% of all public demonstrations (marched or staged) a nuisance. The validity of their cause notwithstanding, truisms never needed a sledgehammer for effect, and if your target audience is too stupid to get the morality in the first place, who are you convincing? Or is this just a blatant excuse to show off your new push up bra?

That Toronto cop had no idea the hornets nest he just stirred up. Dumb thing to say? youbetcha, but he has got to be grinning ear to ear over what he has wrought:

Thousands of women are to take to the streets of London in revealing outfits next month as the global SlutWalk phenomenon reaches Britain.

A Canadian policeman who told women to stop dressing like ‘sluts’ to avoid being raped sparked the worldwide protest movement that could see more than 5,000 women march through the capital.

Thousands of members of SlutWalk have already marched in cities across the U.S and Canada to display anger at Pc Michael Sanguinetti’s comments, made in a health and safety talk to students at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

A nice excuse to get outside, get some sun and some exercise? OK, fine, but shaping minds, reducing the number of rapes, making those prone to violence against women palmslap to forehead with ,”Gee, how silly of me, all those girls really weren’t giving me tacit approval to smack them around and rape them just by their dress, do I have egg on my face?”, no chance.

I can see why all the guys would want to get in on this, by showing some sympathy for their cause and putting in the time with ,”you go girl”, this will guarantee getting laid later on.

Maybe rich dudes should stage a marched demonstration next, they could all sport their Armani suits and Rolex’s with signs that say ,”Burglars and robbers, don’t steal our stuff and rob our homes just because we have money and flaunt it, we are people to and demand respect”. No doubt burglaries and robberies will fall off the map after this.

So, much like planking, slutwalking to coming to America, hot dog.

In the relative scheme of things, I guess this is small potatoes, and if it empowers women, gets them to feel better about themselves and more willing to “give it up”, then what’s the harm? But since, at least in Europe, Muslim males, not use to seeing all that skin, perpetrate the majority of the rapes, shouldn’t they be making those signs in Farsi?

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  1. loserlame

    The borderless, non-religious, scientific global community of the Internet reveals how little men have evolved since receiving uncensored sexual enlightenment.

    Used to be demos blocked traffic, were protected by free speech, covered by the press, which spread the word of Cause X far and wide – to those who could read and/or had TV.

    These days its probably more about getting outside for a while, to actually see the “friends” you met and made online, checking if theres any good old chemistry, then going back online to talk about it all there.

    Now go to youtube and check out the average discussion there by the noble masses “Bonos god. Bono sucks. Your a fag. You suck. Eat shit. Eat it yourself and die fag lol”

    Or sit in at a LiveJasmin sex show “with beautiful young european women” and see how far they’ve come overseas.
    Cussing women just gets men going, is all. And real women still like manly men.

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  2. JimK

    Women should be able to dress however the fucking hell they want and Not. Get. Raped. Ever. “She asked for it with her whore clothes” is a disgusting point of view. Some men need to be reminded that is never, ever acceptable.

    My personal support of a Slutwalk isn’t about getting laid, either. I can have that whenever I want. It’s about the plain and simple fact that there is never, EVER an excuse for raping a woman, much less using her choice of clothing as some justification that she deserves to be forcibly penetrated against her will.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Too bad there were isn’t accurate data on who gets raped – 1) the girl who dresses like a slut and hangs out near sleazy clubs or 2) random targets

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  4. Kimpost

    My guess is that slutty dressed women on drugs living in shady areas are more proned to getting raped. But does any of that really matter?

    Being a slut is a good thing. All my girlfriends have been sluts, and proud to be so. Unfortunately there are men in the world who don’t understand the concept of consent.

    Most rapes are performed by men who are friends or more to the victim anyway.

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    I’ve had many girlfriends that were sluts – the trick is to not stay with any particular slut for too long lest her underlying crazy get too focused on you.

    90 days is about the longest you want to stick around any particular trashy danceclub chick you hooked up – after that they start to become dangerous. Once you’ve been around too long they think you might be “the one”, and let’s be honest, we all know better than to settle down with some girl that was willing to take it up the butt from a total stranger that just bought her 5 drinks.

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  6. Rann

    Of course women should be able to dress as they want and not get raped. That’s definitely in the “major duh” department. Of course, a real deterrent would be if more women were armed, but I’m willing to bet that a lot of the same people that showed up at this march would also show up at a march to ban handguns.

    HOWEVER, there is no getting around that dressing a certain way will sometimes attract attention from the wrong sort of person. That is not sexist, it is reality. It does not excuse rape, nor does it make it the woman’s fault, not by a longshot… but the core philosophy of this march seems to be the one that is behind most of modern feminism: “Everything is your responsibility, fix it for us because we aren’t going to do shit”.

    I’ve actually had supposed feminists tell me that when a woman dresses provocatively and then gets angry when men actually, you know, look at the parts of her that are on display, the men really are being pigs and that it’s not the woman’s fault because women are programmed by society to think they have to dress that way, so they don’t have any power to make other decisions. Modern feminism often reduces both men and women into unthinking animals, and simply casts men in the role of predator and women in the role of prey.

    Telling women not to dress like sluts so they don’t get raped? That’s probably sexist and deflecting responsibility from where it needs to go. However, I don’t agree with the mindset of “If I put on a skirt that’s more like a belt, no panties, a tube top, and six-inch heels, then walk down unlit back alleys by myself and somebody does something to me, it’s everyone’s fault but my own.” I wouldn’t walk down unlit back alleys by myself, smart people should know better, but there’s a sense of entitlement there where if a group is denied being able to do what they like for whatever reason, even if that reason is just common sense, they flip their shit and demand that someone, anyone, DO SOMETHING, as long as whoever it is that does something isn’t them.

    If you want to dress in a way designed to drive men wild, that is your right. It is your right to do so unmolested. But you need to be at least a little smart about it because there are plenty of people in the world that don’t give a shit about what your rights are, whether your genitalia is an innie or an outie.

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  7. loserlame

    As the years pass, I see less and less what women find attractive in men, or vice versa. You can always turn the volume off with online porn.

    Sex dates found online turned out to be, with one exception, pretty decent and reliable acquaintances as they never built any elaborate facades to hide their real IDs

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  8. richtaylor365 *

    That’s definitely in the “major duh” department.

    That was the whole point of the post, the silliness of slutwalking, for both the 99% of men that know better and the 1% that don’t, stuff like this is meaningless.

    If you want to dress in a way designed to drive men wild, that is your right. It is your right to do so unmolested. But you need to be at least a little smart about it because there are plenty of people in the world that don’t give a shit about what your rights are, whether your genitalia is an innie or an outie.

    I’ve been out of the game for a bit but while a player, women dressing like sluts actually did me a favor, I knew going in that I would not have to work too hard and the payoff was instantaneous. Not saying I only dated sluts but sometimes (that variety/spice thing) it was a pleasant diversion.

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  9. loserlame

    Aye, I’ve seen this and love the art. Don Hertzfeldt’s work was rejected by the mainstream, which always a good sign. I feel its mainstream guys who sit around on youtube ogling their male idols, valiantly protecting them from negative comments. (sic)
    “Bono iz god”
    “He sucks Dio rulz”
    “You suck niger”
    “Your a faggit”
    “STFU looser”
    “FU doshbag”

    That or sports

    “Mavs rule”
    “Mavs suck Heat rulz”
    “You suck niger”
    “Your a faggit”
    “STFU looser”
    “FU doshbag”

    Then theres global warming for the math nerds, but…. such “uncomplicated” genes men have…

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  10. AlexInCT

    I am glad to see that we all agree that women that dress like sluts should not be raped, and that that is a poor excuse at that used by people that have a serious problem to commit a vile and evil act on their victims, but I sense this kind of protestation isn’t really about the rape itself, but I am left fearing what’s going on is that these insecure harpies are preempting other behavior as well. Like someone telling them they are hags that need to go get a life. I expect something like this soon to cary the same stigma and penalty as rape if these women get their way. That’s based on personal experience BTW. Once told a skank I thought she was a skank and to leave me be, and she almost cried rape over that. And so we are all clear, I had never touched her and had just met her, in a room full of other people, and couldn’t stand her abrasive and stupid personality. She was a lib with a cip on her shoulders, and when I knocked it off for her good she all but accused me of rape. She certainly wanted me punished for saying what I did.

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  11. HARLEY

    I am glad to see that we all agree that women that dress like sluts should not be raped, and that that is a poor excuse at that used by people that have a serious problem to commit a vile and evil act on their victims,

    Same here.
    but the reality is Dress like a slut, and you are gonna get treated like a slut.
    as for me,i dress like a fucking redneck, ill get treated like a redneck.
    You appearance is the first thing people see about you , and form their basis of opinion, and how they react to you on that.

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  12. loserlame

    In my experience, unless dressing up happens to be a hobby of theirs, per se, those who dress up a lot oft have less to offer in the form of personality and/or colorfully nude acrobatics in bed.

    Some folks do want and like attention to a certain extent, but there aren’t clothes that clearly say “to this point and no further” so its up to the damsel to say as much, and the noble steed to respect that.

    Thats another thing thats surely far better in China – only real people there.
    Aye, good luck, the both of ya.

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  13. Kimpost

    Speaking of sluts. This open flirt, from both parties, made me cringe!

    And all this before Wimbledon. What happens if they both should win?

    Q. Novak, I’m sorry if you’ve been asked this question before since I’m a little bit late.

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Where are you from?

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I am from the Monaco newspaper on Avenue Princess Grace.

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Oh, okay. I’ll be glad to answer.

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: You know, you had this losing streak of one, so what are you going to do to change that?

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, you know what? I will try to look up to some women players who have been so consistent with their wins, for example like Caroline Wozniacki. I don’t know if you’ve heard about her. She’s been winning so much. She’s become a role model for all of us ATP players. So I’m going to try to look some of her matches and try to break this losing streak of one, you know, try to get on the right path (laughter).

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: So who is your favorite women’s tennis player? Is that her, as well?

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, we’ll have to keep that a secret.


    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I think I already discovered one of my favorite women’s players. I just said her name. She’s actually my neighbor, as well.


    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: She actually lives in the street where you come from.


    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yes. From time to time we have coffee there on the beach and just relax and have lunch, have a jog.

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I’m sure she must be a really, really nice girl.

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: She is a really, really nice girl. She’s a great entertainer; No. 1. You never heard about her?

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: The No. 1 actually drinks coffee on the beach with someone who actually almost never lose a match?

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yes. That’s a winning ‑‑ excuse me…

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I cannot even talk anymore. They’re pulling me.

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yeah, I know. Monaco press is very popular nowadays. (Laughter.)

    CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Monaco press is unbelievable.

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC: You see. This is what I’m talking about.

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  14. richtaylor365 *

    So Novak has a new squeeze? I thought he was still banging Ana, another fellow Serb. I hope Caroline can finally win a major.

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