I think I’ll Take The Bus

Navigating city traffic can resemble gazelle herds on the Serengeti Plain, some days there is safety in numbers, other days, you are “whats for dinner?”

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

All I can say is that the cops have surrendered to the mob.

Given the chaos present here, I am surprised that 1) there are not more fatalities and accident, 2) there is not more bird flipping or rock throwing going on, and 3) damn, those people are good. I would be so tempted (sorry Jim) to speed bump almost every one of those bikers, they’re all nuts. And you notice that hardly anyone of those pedestrians are yapping on cell phones? those knuckleheads have already been thinned out of the herd.

I very rarely go into The City, not much difference between there and this video, but when I do I notice the same type of mentality, it’s the ,”Hey, I’m driving/riding/walking here, so get out of my way”, and like the Serengeti, you show weakness, some hesitation or a noticeable limp, and you might as well just crawl into the lion’s mouth right there.

I can’t abide big cities anyway but these folks, they got onions.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    When I go downtown I make my wife drive. That way I’m not overly tempted to flip the safety off the .45 and grab the extra clips in the glovebox for a shooting spree….

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  2. JimK

    This is a large part of why I am OVERLY courteous and cautious on my bike. I ride the same routes all the time, so regular drivers see me often. I ALWAYS stop for lights and stop signs. I use hand signals, I have a Superflash as a tail light (you can see it even in bright sunlight). I wave cars through, I give warning and indication of my planned movements…I try my best to be the absolutely epitome of a rules-following bike rider.

    My hope is that if enough people see me and become f=comfortable with me out there, and they see that I stop for lights, I give pedestrians the right of way, that I’m trying to be as courteous as I can be…well maybe those people won’t hate cyclists so much.

    BTW…there’s a difference. I am a cyclist. Most people are just idiots on bikes. Especially teens. They should NOT count when assessing how much you dislike cyclists. They’d be assholes in a car, on foot or on a bike.

    One way to spot the difference (if you are not in NYC): Are they wearing a helmet AND gloves? If yes: cyclist, or close to it. If no? Idiot on a bike who is completely unpredictable and will likely do something stupid. The exception to this is bike messengers. They ride like demons. 100% of their time is spent giving all bike riders a bad name in traffic.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    I essentially stopped riding a bike in 1988 due to what I refer to as “Bike Nazis” – what approx 75% of all urban bikers now behave like. I didn’t want to be associated with that pack of spandex-wearing, militant, granola munching, holier-than-thou eco-assholes that I met around Boulder peddling away as if they were saving the world.

    I see them all over Seattle as well, and know a few of them at work. I’ve been tempted to run them down upon occasion when I see them weave through traffic and blow through stop lights as if the cars are merely a distraction on what should be roads for bikes only. What pisses me off from these dickheads is that when they say “share the road”, what they really mean is “bikes have priority, perhaps you should suck my dick”.

    There were some incidents with those “critical mass” events here a couple years ago that sucked a lot of wind out of the local militant bike crowd, so at least that hasn’t been an issue in some time. The cops sort of lost patience with their tactic of illegally blocking cars off (corking) when some guy freaked out after a load of cyclers started screaming and banging on his car when he actually wanted to legally leave a parking lot. He ran over a couple of them in a panic if I remember correctly.

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  4. JimK

    God do I fucking hate Critical Mass. Every time those fuckwits pull another stunt in any (or every) city in the country, they put MY life at risk. I wish there was a way I could project an “I drive a car too, please don’t hate me, I hate Critical Mass as much as you do” sign in the air above my head when I ride.

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