No Foreskins Allowed

I’m out for the day, officiating a challengers tournament in Sacramento, but I’ll leave you with this:

I’m trying to envision a similar ad from the Mormons or the Baptists, I don’t think it would be as compelling. How about a Muslim ad where the guy does a Jackie Chan shoulder roll to grab and cover some exposed ankles? You get to go to the “Muslim love” website and select form one of these:

Guaranteed virgins, otherwise, they would have been stoned to death already.

But you have to admire the Jews, dodging rockets and suicide bombers, they still get the finer things in life, like a hand bikini, Shalom.

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  1. CM

    Very cool, and yeah that’s awesome. I love Jewish humour (and the fact that it exists).

    officiating a challengers tournament in Sacramento

    Is that your job?

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    Is that your job?

    Job? what an ugly word, no, I do occasional officiating and line umpiring in Northern California just for fun, it pays but not much, nobody does it for the bucks. Challenger events are for the younger pro’s that need to accumulate ATP points in order to enter the bigger events.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    I retired a couple years back so I don’t work at all. I had a position with the state of California but some good investment choices in the past (stock market and rental properties) has allowed me to retire at a very early age.

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  4. loserlame

    Good on you. I almost managed the same, and would likely run a moped repair somewhere in the Caribbean, today, if I hadn’t consorted with humans, gifting them with some of my easy money.

    Working with kids who don’t know better, yet, (and the idly rich) is refreshing to me.

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