The Gitmo Suicides, Reloaded

Last year, I wrote a post about the “Gitmo Suicides”, the three men who killed themselves at Guantanamo Bay. There were allegations that they were murdered and the story arguing the case recently won an award.

However, there are now big holes opening up in the story. This is looking less like a conspiracy and more like Scott Horton putting too much weight into the testimony of questionable witnesses. There’s ample evidence that there were abuses at Gitmo. There is, however, little evidence that these men were murdered.

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  1. Kimpost

    A commendable approach by Hal, and one that all should try to follow. The story might not end here, though. Here’s a rebuttal to the Koppelman piece.

    And here’s Horton responding to previously uttered critique.

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  2. loserlame

    Irony – Gitmo is the place where the US keeps its mountains of wiki-worthy files safe from inquiring minds abroad. Castro actually worries their sheer mass could sink his paradise into the sea and pollute it. Anyway, rumor has it those three dead prisoners escaped and simply saw too much, so…

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  3. loserlame

    Me, I was told that imprisonment itself was abuse.

    there were three real contenders, and most people working in the ever-shrinking category of serious magazine journalism

    Got any Internets links to support that claim, please?

    “Ultimately I just didn’t find the story credible, quite frankly,” Miklaszewski says. “I devoted a lot of time to it, and my conclusion was that it just didn’t seem possible that that many people could have been involved in a conspiracy and to have [the killings] remain secret. It stretched all credulity, I thought.”

    Bushitler tortured the prisoners to death and strung em up, to obfuscate the truth. His plan was to have all and any (likely gleefully cheering) witnesses killed by CIA, and blame their deaths on a fictitious Cuba-backed Taliban jailbreak attempt, opening the doors to finally nuke Havana.

    Horton emailed: “Swiss pathologist Patrice Mangin’s major point was that without things that were withheld, it was not possible to reach a definitive conclusion. Mangin stressed that at the time he was trying to coax the Americans to cooperate, but that proved fruitless. .

    Done. Case closed. Murder.

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  4. AlexInCT

    At least youd didn’t mention big Bob making people eat that cock meat sandwich. Now that’s some special stuff right there.

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  5. loserlame

    This blatant misrepresentation of the truth infuriates me. I don’t know who Sgt. Hickman is, but he is only trying to be a spotlight ranger. He knows nothing about what transpired in Camp 1, or our medical facility. I do, I was there.

    Said Colonel Michael Bumgarner, the former commander at Camp America,

    This statement merits closer inspection. The first sentence is a classic nondenial denial. It appears on the surface to deny part of the account, but in fact denies nothing. Bumgarner needs to state specifically what allegations he considers inaccurate. His failure to do so is telling.

    Well, hello, Colonel, uh, Weiner. lol thats it.

    As we confirmed with Defense Department records, Bumgarner recommended Hickman for a medal (shown below) based on his cool-headed approach to defusing a prison riot on May 18, 2006. Moreover, Hickman was selected as NCO of the Quarter at Guantánamo, a fact the camp commander would certainly have known at the time.

    Only yer average babykillers in the US armed forces get medals. Unless, of course, they were there… and saw everything…

    I got pay raises from bosses who didn’t know me, either.

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  6. loserlame

    I would, but that reflects badly on our troops, most of whom are outwardly pro-church, anti-gay, right-leaning crusaders.

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  7. Poosh

    There is no evidence that there were abuses in Gitmo.

    There is admittance that there were several cases of “abuse” (mild punching and throwing against walls) in the very early stages of the opening of that facility.

    There is no ‘ample’ evidence that there were abuses, other than these minor ones, in Gitmo.

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  8. loserlame

    I’ll believe that detainees were tortured, oft brutally, like former detainee/Muslim Aussie Hicks talks about in his book (unavailable for sale in the US, Obama what up?) but I doubt the three were killed in acts of “typical American over-zealousness” or to “scare the other noble jihadists” into confessing.
    I don’t believe torture broke all three of them simultaneously; they killed themselves to support noble jihad, despite its leaving them in the lurch. And its forbidding them to commit suicide. At least in that fashion. 9/11 was okay, said Osama.

    And I believe torture was done to avert any more possible 9/11s underway. Who could know but those who went to dingy, prison-like, macho training camps and sang about killing for Allah’s glory, practiced doing so 24/7, and cheered the deaths of all and any murdered in the Islamist freedom fight/CIA-controlled implosion of the WTC.

    Hicks is the Australian drifter who converted to Islam, changed his name to Muhammed Dawood and ended up at training camps in Afghanistan the US government said was linked to al-Qaeda, one of which was visited by Osama bin Laden several times. Hicks was picked up at a taxi stand by the Northern Alliance in November 2001 and sold to US forces for about $1,500. Hicks was detainee 002, the second person processed into Guantanamo on January 11, 2002, the day the facility opened.

    Five years ago, I [Jason Leopold] published my memoir, “News Junkie,” and, like Hicks, I too was brutally honest about my own feelings of alienation, my battle with drug and alcohol addiction, a desire for attention, a desperate need to belong and a terrible choice I made in my early 20s to ingratiate myself with a couple of made members of a New York City crime family.

    America this, America that, Great Satan, Bono is God. Know any people who chant similarly? I do.

    His noble peers sold Hicks for $1500. Did Osama help his buddy out? No, he retired to Pakistan.

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