Team Spirit

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”-Mark Twain

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that America is hurting. With the last couple of days of stock market loses, I’m still peeing blood. Stagnant growth, the jobless rate, home values, personal bankruptcies, it’s pretty ugly out there. And some areas of the country have been absolutely decimated. But seriously, lying down and complaining about it is for pussies, if Americans are anything, they are resilient.

Check out this video, made by the good folks from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The state of Michigan is the poster child for economic decimation, but don’t tell these people. This is more then just clever.

A literal cast of thousands,very cool. The “Made in the USA” label is not going anywhere.

I had the idea that other cities in the country should follow suit, exhibit some local pride in your community and make a similar video, so here is where you come in. Pick a large (or not so large, your choice) city close to where you live and think of some things that represent your city, points are given for cleverness.

Since I live in the Bay Area, I’m stuck with going with The City By The Bay. My soundtrack was an easy choice, We built This city, no brainer. Aside from the obligatory, the painted ladies, the city of lights, PacBell Park, and cable cars, I would be remiss if I left out the real charm, the homeless bums peeing on the side of your bank, beggars that will get in your face if the proper remunerations are not made, the Sisters of perpetual indulgence, Gay Parade, oh, and let’s not forget bike to work day (you should thank me for this PG version).

Alright, time to break out those pom poms, is your area worth cheering about? prove it.

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  1. TxAg94

    I have to say that’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. I almost didn’t watch because I know how long that song is and it gets on my nerves sometimes. I’m glad I watched, very cool.

    Leave it to the obvious politicians, though, to want to ride in a car and not take the time to learn their parts of the song. Kinda symbolic in and of itself. I don’t know for sure they are politicians but if I had to bet…

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    Kinda symbolic in and of itself.

    Very astute observation, I didn’t catch that when I watched, but you are right, they went the lazy route. I bet they were the most reluctant to even take part, weasels.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    We’re just funnin’ with ‘em. I just watched, “The making of” this video, also on youtube, the mayor actually sounded pretty cool, although none of those guys could sing a lick.

    So what city close to where you live deserves a video? I’ve actually been to Sweden years ago. My wife and I did a Scandinavian trip (a week each in Sweden, Denmark and Norway), we found the actual homes where both her father and grandfather were born, very cool.

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  4. Kimpost

    I’m not sure I would want to see this with a Swedish city. I might, but I can’t really picture it. I think there’s a cultural difference for that. But I guess if it was genuine, I would be fine with it. Hell, might even like it!

    Stockholm is a great city, especially in the summer. As is Gothenburg, but in that case it’s only true in the summer. Other than that, Sweden does not have London, Paris or New York, so we’ll have to appreciate other things.

    I live 100 km west of Stockholm. In a city called Västerås. We hold about 130k people. Which is very small in a global context, but 6th, 7th or 8th in Sweden. It’s a shit hole, in all honesty. But it’s home. :)

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  5. CM

    That is sensational. Awesomely well done.

    I’d love to make one for Auckland. It would need to heavily involve volcanoes (we have over 50) and small islands (dozens in the Hauraki Gulf). But also the Sky Tower and surfing on the wild coast beaches, and the Waitakere Ranges rainforest. Ans thousands of yachts.

    That Grand Rapid one beats the hell out of ours, which are the usual bog standard stuff

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  6. richtaylor365 *

    We did Club med vacation to Tahiti years back and we met many Aussies and Kiwi’s (Is that term still relative for you folks?) I was amused at the rivalry between the two, it was pretty intense. I’m sure it’s all in good fun but i got the feeling if one of those islands (group of) fell into the ocean and disappeared, that the other group would have a parade and a 72 hour bender.

    Auckand looks pretty cool. Australia is our next vacation spot, probably sometime next year.

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  7. Dave D

    Actually, Grand Rapids is probably the best city in Michigan. The automotive hit was not as large there and they have alot of other industries and almost none of the problems that Detroit has. I live in the Detroit metro area, which is doing OK, but the city and the overall loss of jobs has the whole area somewhat supressed. Not as bad as the media has you think, IMO.

    Also, wtf is up with the load times for this site? I waited at LEAST 30 seconds to post this while IE downloaded some Amazon spam or similar. VERY frustrating.

    Also (pt deux): This is the 3rd time I have had to register. Does wordpress lose user accounts or something?

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  8. richtaylor365 *

    Also, wtf is up with the load times for this site? I waited at LEAST 30 seconds to post this while IE downloaded some Amazon spam or similar. VERY frustrating.

    Also (pt deux): This is the 3rd time I have had to register. Does wordpress lose user accounts or something?

    Use the “contact” tab up top and shoot Jim an email with your problems, it might be something account specific.

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  9. loserlame

    I’m asking muiti-millionaire, free health care advocate Michael Moore to gift me with $2000 to help me pay some bills and keep me off the streets selling Contribuotr, but so far no luck

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