The story that keeps on changing – and keep off Twitter!

What am I talking about? Well, how the NYT reports Breibart carrying the story of how a poor democrat liberal congressman by the name of Weiner claims now that this is public that he had is Twitter account hacked and a picture of his wiener sent to some young college reporter:

Representative Anthony D. Weiner, one of the most prolific users of social media among politicians, said his Twitter account was hacked this weekend when someone sent out a lewd photograph under his name to a young woman in Seattle.

The episode unfolded Saturday night when it was reported on the Web site, run by the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart. It played out all day Sunday on the Internet, with Mr. Weiner, a Democrat who represents part of Brooklyn and Queens, addressing the matter on his own Twitter and Facebook accounts, and with bloggers from the left and the right arguing about whether this might be the start of a scandal or an example of how easy it is for political rivals to harm each other’s reputations using new technologies.

Neither Mr. Weiner, an outspoken defender of liberal positions, nor Mr. Breitbart returned messages requesting comment on Sunday night.

Representative Wiener also so far refuses to ask the FBI to investigate the hacking of not just his Twitter account but several others, to pull of this stunt or say if that’s Weiner’s wiener. The claim that his account was hacked shouldn’t bode well for Twitter and any of the other media involved. If this stuff is so easy to hack anyone on twitter can be compromised. It makes Twitter a serious hazard for its users. Still, so far, neither Twitter nor any of the other companies with technologies involved have given any indication that they are investigating what really happened. My guess is because Weiner told them not to. Such a high profile hack would not go ignored otherwise. The story doesn’t end there. The fact that a picture was loaded to his yfrog account, then deleted, is confirmed, despite Wiener’s claims that was not the case. Most of the MSM remains uninterested or in excuse making mode.

My guess is that it won’t be very long before the claims that this was a hack job completely fall apart and Weiner then proceeds to replace that lie with a new one where they lay all the blame on some staffer. Yeah right. Didn’t we go through a revelation, quickly dismissed by the MSM, followed by someone else getting out the facts that were so easy to get at, just like this story seems to be looking to develop, with John Edwards, just recently? Stay of the social media stuff guys. Either Twitter takes security to lightly, someone else can too easily pretend to be you on it, and make you look bad. And unless you are a democrat with a complacent MSM willing to shill for you, people are going to think you are a perv when the hacker or friend posts a picture of your boner to someone you shouldn’t be doing that with!

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  1. Rann

    Brace for the flood of internet liberals saying “It’s just a penis! I’m not surprised you right-wingers don’t know what one is!”

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I watched a brief interview last night with Weiner, and I didn’t get the “full of shit” vibe off of him – either he’s an incredibly good liar/actor, or his account was hacked. At the moment I’m going with his official version.

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  3. JimK



    Wait, SERIOUSLY? Have you followed this story all the way through? There’s almost no way he was hacked. In fact, that’s the absolute LEAST likely scenario in this situation. The only way that wasn’t him screwing up a DM to a college co-ed is if a staffer has access to his account, and THAT is highly unlikely.

    You gotta go read the 4 million words Ace his own self at Ace of Spades has written on this subject. It’s more likely that I am secretly a super hot Russian model than it is that Weiner was “hacked.”

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  4. JimK

    Oh and this bullshit about Twitter? Nonsense. This isn’t a Twitter issue at all. There is no Twitter security issue. This is a horny congressman issue.

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  5. InsipiD

    That’s what I figured from him not wanting an investigation. As soon as he’s subpoenaed to determine if that’s a picture of his wiener, the truth would be obvious.

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  6. Seattle Outcast

    Actually, I’ve barely even followed it. I saw him on the news talking about it and, unlike most politicians I’ve watched with their hand in the nookie jar, didn’t come off as a being guilty as all hell and loaded with false outrage (Clinton & Edwards in particular were obviously guilty).

    I know nothing about the guy, except that his name is a real easy target for jokes, and if he did do this then he’s something of a chubby chaser.

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  7. CM

    Apparently he’s hired a lawyer to ‘investigate’ whether he can take action. And the girl who got the picture seems to think the whole thing is very strange (her reaction doesn’t seem to be consistent with an affair, or anything two-way).

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  8. JimK

    Yeah, the first thing I do when I see my account was used to DM a dick pic to a college co-ed is NOT deny that it is actually a photo of me, keep tweeting with my account, start following double the number of people I’m currently following, hide for the weekend, then give a half-assed denial and hire a lawyer.

    I certainly don’t call law enforcement because I’m a nationally elected lawmaker with a Verified Twitter account that was just compromised, which could lead to further identity theft.


    I wait over a long holiday weekend, and I instruct my reps to NEVER overtly deny the image is actually of me, and then I hire a lawyer.

    Side note; IMAGINE THIS GUY WAS A REPUBLICAN. How would the MSM be covering it then?

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  9. Kimpost

    I’m taking Weiner’s word for it, until further notice. Seems a bit too stupid to be true. In any case I don’t see this as a Twitter security issue. It’s a Weiner security issue. And I can’t believe that we are pretending to be classy enough to not wanting to see the bulge?

    Here’s a link. :p

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  10. JimK

    I’m taking Weiner’s word for it, until further notice.

    Why? Simple intelligent logic dictates he is far more likely to be lying. The amount of coincidences, stupid moves and benevolence of the “hackers” that all has to align to make his “denial” true is FAR less likely than the simple fact that he flirted with a college co-ed and accidentally DM’d her a pic of his semi encased in some boxer briefs.

    Occam’s razor.

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  11. Seattle Outcast

    What’s the saying? “Caught with a dead girl or a live boy”….

    Not sure where “random boner pics on twitter” fits in….

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  12. HARLEY

    Hmm the personal communications account of a serving congressman,has been Hacked and the FBI, House security Secret Service? are not investigating.

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  13. Kimpost

    Dissecting rationale in situations like these isn’t always easy, at least not to me. Answering detailed questions, isn’t always right at the moment, for the particular person – even if/when outside observers, without deeper insight, might think that it is. Who knows what his lawyers have advised him to do? Who knows, there might be a grain of truth in there somewhere. What if he’s innocent to what’s essential (sending the picture), but the picture is his and of him?

    Confess to that, and bury his career, or shut up and trivialize the event?

    I would imagine that the woman will be offered money to speak up about a possible affair. Journalists are probably looking into the story as we speak. Digging for dirt is a fun and lucrative business. If he did send this picture, he’ll likely go down.

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  14. InsipiD

    he flirted with a college co-ed and accidentally DM’d her a pic of his semi encased in some boxer briefs.

    How boring can you get? If nothing else, he ought to be ashamed of his tragic lack of game.

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  15. AlexInCT *

    Actually, I’ve barely even followed it. I saw him on the news talking about it and, unlike most politicians I’ve watched with their hand in the nookie jar, didn’t come off as a being guilty as all hell and loaded with false outrage (Clinton & Edwards in particular were obviously guilty).

    That’s because he is a better liar and is benefiting from their experience. This guy takes lying to a new level SO. Seriously, he gives me the creeps considering how good of a liar he is. And I am basing this on what I have seen him do or say in the past, not just this one event.

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  16. AlexInCT *

    Dissecting rationale in situations like these isn’t always easy, at least not to me.

    The bulk of the left biased media in the US – which is pretty much most of it – feels the same way when the perp has a (D) next to their name. If this guy was a republican however Kimpost, we would be hearing about how its obvious that the scumbag was not just a pervert but also a liar that he was. Look at how they protected John Edwards. Then look how they treat accusations, even blatantly false ones, against republicans. That’s the point of this post BTW.

    In the end, the only reason Americans find out about these scumbag leftists politicians and their shenanigans seems to be despite the MSM, which goes out of its way to pretend to have some kind of reporting standard or not to deal with gossip, while completely turning all of that crap out as soon as they can destroy someone that doesn’t have a (D) next to their name whenever they get a chance.

    I would imagine that the woman will be offered money to speak up about a possible affair. Journalists are probably looking into the story as we speak. Digging for dirt is a fun and lucrative business. If he did send this picture, he’ll likely go down.

    Maybe if some tabloid does it, because I am guaranteeing you that the MSM has about the same interest in getting to the facts & truths of this story as they did in getting to the bottom of Edward’s obvious campaign of bullshit stories. No, the perp in this case isn’t from the right party so they don’t want to know.

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  17. Hal_10000

    One explanation floating around Hot Air is that his account was hacked by someone he knows — office staff, relative, friend — and he doesn’t want them to get into trouble.

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  18. Mississippi Yankee

    My very first thought when I saw the news of this little prick was that the GOP had pressured him to back off his insistence that Clarence Thomas recuse himself from the Obamacare decision.
    But after Jim’s comments and Ace of Spade’s article I’m just gonna chalk it up to KARMA.

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  19. Manwhore

    I like to see these things come to fruition, especially in the photoshop age. I could paste JimK’s head on Mchael Moore’s body; that’s how scary good people are with the tools (pun intended)(not against JimK, but the idea that you could smear a real prick like Weiner). That said, hacking an account is an issue for the Feds. If the Donger doesn’t want it investigated I do call bullshit.

    My “opinion” on the matter is you have some idiotic prick politician who thinks Twitter doesn’t get seen by the unwashed masses exposed for tweeting his little peter to a chick who had his “best interests” in mind. Thing is, all this internetz freedom has consequences. Don’t post your willy pckshur @twitter. Make it the #private type. Or whatever. I think this guy actually has reached out to porn stars. We’ll see how he can spin it, the records are with Twitter and the wayback machine now.

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  20. Manwhore

    I do want to add that if “Dick” pulls this off, he pulls it off in court and gets government employees exonerated from the stupid shit they might post on the internet. Like Obama’s revisionist shit about the Israeli “pre-1967″ borders.

    the internetz seem to be causing a lot of pro’lems these days.

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  21. Kimpost

    I’m opting out from the possible media bias debate on this. Either he’s guilty or he’s not. On that I don’t think we know enough, but I have chosen to take his word for it. He might be lying, but I haven’t seen anything put forth yet, showing that he actually is.

    I also saw a report on Fox suggesting that he might actually have (“sources are telling me”) reported this to the FBI. We’ll have to wait to see how this unfolds.

    Link to Fox report

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  22. Rann

    That would be quite convenient. “The poor man, he’s defending someone important to him! How noble!”

    Yeah, I somehow don’t see him taking the fall for one of the interns, especially one that’s apparently tried to sabotage his career. As for relative or friend, well, if that were the case, “One of my friends played a prank on me” is certainly a more believable story than “A hacker got into my verified twitter account, sent a single raunchy message to a single person, did nothing else, and ran off”.

    It’s still a rather lame explanation, but it would at least be in the realm of plausibility. What he’s asking us to believe instead is… nonsensical.

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  23. AlexInCT *

    Well, from everything I have seen, including the interview he gave this morning, he is avoiding the request for an FBI investigation, which pretty much means there wasn’t any kind of hacking, or worse, if there was, he has things he wants to hide that make this whole affair look tame. The guy did it.

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  24. Seattle Outcast

    He’s started dissembling and giving BS answers – he’s guilty. Even a really good liar talks himself into a corner eventually.

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  25. Hal_10000

    The latest is that there is a known security hole in yfrog that allows anyone to post to your account. We’ll hve to see where his goes.

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  26. HARLEY

    And if he did not send off a pic of his tally wacker, you’d think his responses to questioning would be more consistent. This is what he was saying today!

    On Wednesday, he reversed course and spoke to NBC’s Luke Russert. He was expected to speak with CNN later in the day. The video is here.

    “I was the victim of a prank,’’ Mr. Weiner told NBC, adding that he can’t say “with certitude’’ whether the photo shows his body.

    The photo was sent Saturday to the woman in such a way that the tens of thousands of Mr. Weiner’s Twitter followers could also see it.

    Now imagine the response the media would have if this guy had a R behind his name and not a D.

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  27. JimK

    Sorta. Someone has to know the SECRET email address. It is NOT a user’s standard address. It is your username at yfrog, with a random sequence added. To get that particular email address a person has to log in and go to the setting section for their account.

    You can not just use someone’s publicly known email address, as Johnson and others are claiming. That’s horseshit. It just is not how the yfrog website works.

    So yes. It’s possible that someone else has that address. That could be a thing. The odds that it could be guessed? Not great. Mine has 6 characters. How much computing power would it take to guess 6 random characters in order to “hack” or “prank” the account?

    So it’s 1 of 2 things: Either he did it or a staff member that he trusts with his logins did it. This was NOT an outside job, so to speak.

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  28. Kimpost

    After today’s round of interviews I am (still) leaning towards him being not guilty of sending the picture. But the picture is probably of him.

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  29. Mississippi Yankee

    All this from the man who wants to run for mayor of NYC. Will this publicity be a plus or a minus for him?

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  30. Kimpost

    I think this from Weiner on The Situation Room, might be as close as we’ll get to him admitting that the picture is of him (even though, he later in the interview says that the picture does not seem familiar to him).


    […]maybe Jon Stewart got it right last night, unfortunately…


    […]it [the picture] certainly doesn’t look familiar to me, but…

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