Graves at Arlington “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” George Orwell

Today we remember those rough men.

We Americans can be a peculiar lot, proud, arrogant, boastful, take your pick, but it’s hereditary.  Benjamin Franklin, while attending the Second Continental Congress, felt that America, more violent and more enterprising, deserved to be a new nation, separate from it’s mother country.

The American soldier typifies the American dream, that freedom is not free, and today we honor our war dead.

I had a difficult time deciding what video to post, I almost went with this (talk about getting all weepy) but this honor’s more our current military, not those that died in the line of duty.

Today we offer a salute, a prayer of thanks, give a proper respect to those in our military. We don’t hash the reasons for going to war, the utter waste of good men , the heartache of a broken family, or why they are fighting thousands of miles away, that we reserve for the other 364 days.

We remember, God bless our troops.

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  1. AlexInCT

    If you are American and can read & write, thank a teacher. If you are American and can read & write in English, thank the members of our Armed Forces.

    I could tell the French the same about not having to speak German, or point out which side of Korea is free and which is the world’s biggest prison country, mention countelss other things about how f-ed up this world would be were it not for the sacrifices of these brave men and women, but I would be wasting time.

    When you BBQ and spend time with family today, remember the sacrifice of these noble people.

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