French Racing Hoops

A lot of stuff is going on right now in the world of sports, got something to say about it?

First up, auto racing. I’m not a big fan of NASCAR or Indy car racing, but this weekend, I should have been.

In Charlotte Dale Earnhart Jr. would have given his left (pick your body part) for a half gallon of gas:

At Indy a rookie made a rookie mistake, and just like Dale, where he had the finish line in sight, disaster struck:

Hildebrand, a Bay Area boy, hits the wall at the very last turn:

So Hildebrand, driving flat out, decided to pass Charlie Kimball, in a slower car, on the high side at the fourth turn at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hildebrand hit the “marbles,” bits of tires that settled near the walls, skidded on his worn tires and thudded into the wall with a flash of fire.

A gasp rose from a crowd estimated at 300,000. Hildebrand, the right side of his car mangled, made it to the finish line — but not before Wheldon, a 32-year-old Briton, passed him to win the Indy 500, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year.

The NBA finals start tomorrow. Experience won over youth in the conference finals. The Bulls and Thunder might be the teams of the future but for now both got exposed for lack of depth and for being woefully unprepared for the big stage. James did promise 5 or 6 titles for Heat, and Dirk (who will do down as the best shooting big man in history) went a long way towards dispelling the theory that he was soft and lacked intensity. I’m rooting for Dallas even though I think Cuban is a putz, and hope it goes 7.


Some interesting goings on at the French Open. Most of the big names went out early on the women’s side (Caroline has got to get herself a real coach, this dad/coach stuff can only take you so far, Richard Williams notwithstanding), but I’m in the, “anybody but Schiavone ” camp, some body check her for PED’s, and make sure you watch it go from penis to cup. Nadal has Soderling next, watch out. Federer will take out Monfils in 3 quick sets, and Novak had a walk over, so he will be tanned, rested and ready. For that “immovable object vs. unstoppable force” scenario to play out, we want Nadal and Djokovic in the final.

I believe we also have something about a Stanley Cup being contested, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

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  1. CM

    Poor Hildebrand, what an absolutely terrible thing to happen. Must be devastating.
    We had high hopes that Scott Dixon could win his second, especially after looking so good during practice (he had the fastest practice speed). But he only came home 5th.
    Mmmmmmm Danica Patrick mmmmmmmm.

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  2. Kimpost

    Well, a Nadal – Djokovic final, with Djokovic winning it, would be nice. Having a new number one and all. Having him crowned, while passing McEnroe for most consecutive start-of-the-season wins, would be suiting. A perfect fairytale. All of which would happen if Djokovic would win the title. However…

    … I’m a sucker for ruined parties. And since I’m a Federer fan I would like to see Djokovic beaten by Federer, and I would like to see Nadal being sent home by Söderling. And even if Söderling is a Swede, Federer is my choice for the title.

    This is much a fan talking. If I wasn’t so blinded by Federer, I would actually like for Djokovic to have his fairytale…

    …crushed by Söderling! :P

    Seriously though. Djokovic will likely be number one this week. He’s the favourite against Federer in the semis (I can’t see Federer losing to Monfils, Ferrer would have been much tougher), even if I don’t think that’s a given. If Djokovic reaches the final against Nadal, I would predict Nadal, even if his form seems a bit off. He’s so good in Grand Slams and Paris is his second home. Djokovic will crumble.

    Now, if Federer were to win, then it opens up a whole new can of worms. With Wimbledon coming up, things would suddenly get really interesting.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    The whole world wants a Djokovic/Nadal final, it has to be that way, everybody else in this dance is a bit player. Both Soderling and Murray deserve a slam, but not this one. I can’t even make a prediction on who will win, as I said, unstoppable force/immovable object, it’s gonna be a good one.

    On the women’s side the Sharapova/Petkovic match up is intriguing, they both hate each other. Petkovic does this dance after each win, she did in front of Sharapova and, it was on.

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  4. Kimpost

    Nadal’s biggest challenge, apart from a possible Djokovic final, comes today, against Söderling. Söderling has the sort of power tennis that can over-power Nadal, if Nadal isn’t on top of his game.

    If Nadal wins today, I think his semifinals will be easier, regardless of who he faces there. Murray? Not this year. He has been struggling. I’m not even sure that he will win the one set shoot out today. He’s been a slow starter lately. Even more so perhaps if his foot still feels stiff. No room for slow starts today.

    Federer can beat Djokovic. But I can’t picture him beating Nadal in a possible final. He’ll be swept in three sets if that happens.

    I can’t seem to get into women’s tennis. Graf, Navratilova, and Chris-Evert and aren’t doing so well this year?

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  5. loserlame

    Waste of gas, waste of natural habitat for trees and bees, and another cause of global warming perped by an elite wealthy idle few.

    I got it right, eh

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  6. Kimpost

    Nadal played great against Söderling. Söderling let us down, though. And his serve let him down. And murray had many problems again today, but prevailed. This means that we have a dream Grand Slam semi finals setup. The four top ranked players are battling for it.

    Looking forward to the matches.

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