Being “Serviced” by the USPS.

It’s Friday before Memorial day weekend, so lets take a look at how a postal worker went postal in Portland, Oregon, and got to keep his job anyway. Cliff Claven, from “Cheers” used to refer to postal workers as the 6th branch of the military. Anyway, so what ordeal did our unionized USPS worker get himself in? Well, he really had to go bad. He got caught on camera “fertilizing” someone’s lawn. Let the jokes fly.

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  1. Rann

    Shit in someone’s lawn. Take a vacation. Keep your job. Ain’t government jobs grand.

    “Honey, don’t be a vandal, you’ll never make something of yourself.”

    “I can be a mailman!”

    Of course, someone I know once ran afoul of a government welfare office employee, who then used his work computer to look up my friend’s personal information and post it on the internet, specifically aiming it at people who would use it to harass said friend.

    Said government worker has never even been chided for this, as far as I’m aware. Some of you from the forums may know him, I know he was posting on the Moorewatch forums at one time. “Cigarskunk”.

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  2. InsipiD


    I’ve never been a poster to Moorewatch, but I have read a bit of stuff there. That’s a stank-ass nickname for an apparently stank-ass individual.

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  3. Kimpost

    I remember Cigarskunk, from years back. I think these were the days when you too posted in the forums, Rann? Anyway, he wasn’t the most likeable person on the forums. He told us stories of his days as a social worker. Sometimes he told stories of him doing good things (going an extra mile while helping people out), but more often it was stories about people trying to cheat him (the welfare office) for money, and how cool it was to bust them.

    The stories were way too cynical for my liking.

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  4. Rann

    Yeah, though I mostly avoided threads where he’d posted even in the times when I did post there. We had already crossed horns and even at my most rarin’-for-a-fight heights there’s just some crap I really didn’t want to put up with again. He’s in that bag of crap.

    But yeah, he’s made it clear plenty of other places that he pretty flagrantly abuses his power. Said friend (who online goes by Sage Freehaven) did nothing but argue with Cigarskunk online. Suddenly, boop, Cigarskunk drops Sage’s full real name and address on everybody. It went up on Encyclopedia Dramatica and has followed him around since (luckily, I think it was slightly out of date even when it was first posted, so nothing too bad ever happened to him). From what he’s said in various online journals, he also isn’t above screwing over some of the unfortunates that come through his office just because.

    He’s been banned from probably 90% of the places I’ve seen him post. One forum, he managed to get himself banned in four posts, and in the process managed to:

    * Call everyone on the forum either gay or a homophobe
    * Call homosexuality a fetish
    * Brag about his obvious moral superiority and that part of it was how much he loved cigars
    * Post porn of his character fucking Fifi LaFume from Tiny Toon Adventures as proof that he wasn’t gay or a pedophile

    Of course, even that wasn’t quite as spectacular as when I saw him get banned from one image board for claiming that black people were genetically inferior due to rampant incest.

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  5. loserlame

    Much ado about nothing. Germans urinate “pinkeln, urinieren” in public all the time.–die-stadt-greift-durch-/-/2856/8295820/-/index.html

    In the village where I lived tourists from the city are referred to as Waldrandscheisser” “shitters at the forest’s edge”. because they shat around under trees during or after their Sunday walks.

    Carrying a roll of decorative toilet paper in the back window of the car was fashion for a while.

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