Coming Home

In the last few weeks, the South and the Midwest has been through untold misery and grief, stuff that would rival biblical plagues. Most of us thank whoever it is we thank in moments like this that our family, possessions and our lives were not treated similarly. And it’s hard to find anything positive or uplifting when we see so much devastation. Here is Mason’s story:

You could see that vet. tear up just relating the story.

I was ready to throw my computer out of the window when told that his owners, the ones that motivated him to crawl back to for 2 weeks, on two broken legs, did not want him anymore, double smacks to the head for them. But of course this has to have a happy ending (why post it otherwise?) so now Mason is getting the medical help he needs and a new owner. Man’s best friend, indeed.

As an aside, one of the perks of being an author is getting to plug certain charities that I find worthy. I have mentioned The Red Cross in other posts, but in times like these, when people just like you and me, have nothing but the clothes on their back, it’s times like these where we need to renew our “human being” credentials and help those that really need it.

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  1. richtaylor365 *

    Yes, I noticed the distinction as well. When evaluating stuff like this I always try to put myself in their shoes and ask what I would do? We don’t know the particulars involved here but given the circumstances of what the dog went through and his journey to get back home, I would of done everything possible to keep part of the family. How much can the little guy eat?

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I don’t think it would be a matter of food, but of having time to care for the little guy properly while he recovers.

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  3. AlexInCT

    Lookig for my lost dog. Missing right eye, tail, part of left ear, left hind leg, and one of his balls. Answers to the name of Lucky.

    No, that didn’t happen to me, that’s a joke. Before someone goes mornic about this. Anyway, there’s a reason we don’t have pets anymore. I got tired of taking care of the ones my wife & kid wanted. If you are going to have a pet, you need to do right bye it. Way too many people like the cool parts of owning a pet, but want to bolt as soon as you have to do the hard parts like take care of them.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    My dog is family – I’d have to be in pretty dire circumstances before I’d do as these people did. Quite simply, dogs tend to be better people than most people.

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  5. CM

    Last year I spent $2K on an operation on a frickin’ cat and then 3 careful months rehabilitating it, only for it to run away (never to be seen again) about 6 months later. So while the remaining pets are still considered ‘part of the family’, they’re no longer eligible for $2K operations. The quota has been reached on that.

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