When Tornados Attack

If you haven’t seen this video of the tornado hitting Joplin, you should. It’s mostly audio:

You know what strikes me? The relatively calm way people reacted. I’ve seen a lot of commentary about how “panicky” everyone sounds but, considering the circumstances, my take is the exact opposite. I hear people praying, people checking on each other, people figuring out what to do. Most impressively, in the moment of maximum crisis — when the windows exploded — everyone reacted the way they should have: moving into the walk-in fridge where it was safer. I’m dying

This is the way things go, more often that not. In crisis situations, people tend to either freeze or do the right thing. The Hollywood cliche of people running around and screaming is bullshit.

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  1. Rann

    And just to remind everyone, while this is happening to the people of Joplin, this is what their President is busy with.

    Oh,I’m sure I’ll be told how it’s nothing, I’m sure I’ll be told how I’m just looking for something to slam him on, how there’s nothing he could personally do about it, how everyone’s getting along just fine without him stepping in to give a pep talk within hours of the storm and then grab a shovel and pitch in…

    But I guess I still remember when George Bush didn’t care about black people.

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  2. richtaylor365

    I hear people praying

    Well, this is the Midwest, where all those bible/gun clingers live, it’s either pray or shoot somebody.

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  3. CM

    Or reading a book to kids.

    Classic ODS. Weird how many of the same people who claimed BDS in EVERYTHING seem to have no problem dislaying ODS, seemingly at ANY given opportunity. How does that work? Linking the fact that your President did what Presidents (hell, all world leaders) do when overseas (gimmicky photo ops) to a natural disaster is just woeful. You’d never in a million years have stood for anyone doing that with Bush.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am in doubt that BDS did exist. People need to be called out for their bullshit. But come on, if those that called out the BDS want to be perceived as evenly remotely objective, they can’t just continually display ODS.

    Was Kanye’s ridiculous comment about Bush not caring about black people seen as legitimate by mainstream America? Or ridiculous?

    More importantly, my sympathy goes out to those poor people. Even if they are…..rural (yuck).

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    Im Proud of my fellow Missourians, they maintained their calm, and pulled though.
    These dam tornadoes are f-ing Monsters, experiencing one up close is definitely a eye opening experience. The raw power these things emit, the pure destructive force is mind boggling.

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  5. JimK

    More importantly, my sympathy goes out to those poor people. Even if they are…..rural (yuck).

    If that was a joke, it was in extreme poor taste. If it wasn’t, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself for being no better than a racist piece of shit who would hate someone because they were black, or Asian or whatever.

    People need to be called out on their bullshit, right? Well this was fucking bullshit.

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  6. Hal_10000 *

    Damn straight, Harley. This was a fucking F-5 which took out half the town, including the hospital. As is usually the case, I’m proud of the way people respond to tragedy.

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    Jim, i wrote that down to Kiwi Humor, you know, THEY are different from US, you know?

    Just got work that my brother-in-laws, wife’s family are ok, their home was spared…
    Its a fucking mess down there. 117 dead so far over 600 injured, and about 1500 missing, or so claimed.

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  8. CM

    Fucking hell, of course it was a joke (I was mocking the urban liberal stereotype, which is brought up here constantly). I apologise to anyone who took it seriously. I see that I didn’t put a ;-) on the end. My bad. I have good friends in rural America (including some who just escaped the tornado in ‘Bama the other week).

    I think the suggestion that Obama doing photo-op gimmicky shit overseas is an indication of what he thinks of the people of Joplin is callous though. Unless he was joking of course ;-)

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  9. CM

    Ah, yeah, it did – that’s why I responded with ‘or reading a book to kids’…..(maybe that was a little too obscure, or didn’t quite fit).

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  10. HARLEY

    didn’t quite fit, i already took a stab a Bush. with the Golf Quip. any how i was not being serious, the reactions to these “incidents”were blown out of proportion.

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  11. Rann

    You’ve seriously gotta wonder if he’s got one, or if he’s got Michelle sitting over there occasionally looking up shit on Wikipedia.

    “Yeah, bow to the Japanese. They bow all the time. And lemme go look up the toast. It says it goes ‘To her royal majesty, Rob Liefeld suxxorz…'”

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  12. HARLEY

    Has anyone ever seen one of these damm things up close, I tell ya its a fucking site. You feel it as much as hear and see it.
    fucking hell, its just air, thrashing and bashing everything in its way. Mother Nature is a stone cold hearted bitch.

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  13. Kimpost

    Like Hal, and you, I have found that that’s what people generally seem to do. When it really matters, man steps up. That gives hope to a highly flawed world.

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  14. CM

    Yep I agree. The golf one was same thing as book one. Guess I was making sure I was down as mocking retard liberals who had a problem with either. Then I was mocking Rann’s assertion (of how Obama wouldn’t care about the people in Joplin) by suggesting that I also wouldn’t care about them because I’m supposedly a liberal moonbat too. But anyway……

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  15. Kimpost


    No worries. I’m just glad I didn’t say that to you at your door ;-)

    Why? You haven’t actually bought into Jim’s tough guy act? Well, I did too, initially, but then I saw him sing. ;)

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  16. CM

    In cases where individuals can stand up, they usually do. My pessimism for the species based on issues where individual efforts aren’t sufficient.

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  17. Kimpost

    Oh, we are fucked, for sure. If there’s a storm, an earthquake or anything of the likes of immediate danger, we step up. When it’s gradual, we just don’t see it. We remain clueless.

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  18. loserlame

    Was Kanye’s ridiculous comment about Bush not caring about black people seen as legitimate by mainstream America? Or ridiculous?

    “Was it regarded as ridiculous by black people? Was it regarded as a racist comment by white Americans, or just ridiculous?” are the questions to ask.

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  19. CM

    And now if we ever meet I have to punch you. Just to maintain my manhood. ;)

    So long as it’s in the middle of a three-way with Kimpost all balance will be restored.

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  20. CM

    I think it boils down to a single fundamental question: can you legitimately use it as a justification for something just as dumb?

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  21. CM

    If it’s gradual, it’s natural, and therefore we’d just be intefering in nature, and commerce. Although in saying that, we did get out shit together when it came to the ozone layer issue…..

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  22. loserlame

    All I can conclude is that this tornado would’ve been far weaker had there been less global warming made in USA. Theres plenty of evidence all across the Internet proving this.

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  23. loserlame

    The Huffington Post don’t lie, cracker


    May 25, 2011

    .. Kanye West rode to the amFar Cinema Against Aids event in Cannes, France driving this hot new Mercedes. This car reportedly costs $1.7 million and is a McLaren Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss sports car. This car is one of 75 made worldwide.

    On November 10, 2007, West’s mother, Donda West, died of complications from cosmetic surgery involving abdominoplasty and breast augmentation

    He sure cared about his mother. What redeems him is

    West drew inspiration from arena rock bands such as U2

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  24. CM

    Actually, ‘internet science’ (or ‘blog science’ as it’s also known) is almost entirely about grand conspiracies and mass professional fraud. Actual science isn’t done on the internet, although it’s pretty much all available on the internet for anyone with a desire to find out for themselves what it’s all about.

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