(Video) JimK’s gonna serenade you

I see Rich’s levity and raise him one jackassery. Not sure if anyone even reads my blog much less saw this on a Sunday, so in the interest of lightening your Monday and giving you a reason to take me even less seriously than you do now, I present me. Singing. Paul Anka’s cover of Michael Jackson’s “The Way Your Make Me Feel” at karaoke this past Saturday.

I’m barely even drunk, so I have no excuses. :)


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  1. InsipiD

    You were brave enough to post it, so I have to watch…

    Hell, that wasn’t bad. I’m disappointed. I was hoping for a new viral hit.

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  2. JimK *

    Dude, one night I tried Carrie Underwood’s Flat On The Floor. THAT was horrible. I have since learned. Slinky jazz shit is something I can’t screw up. That and Mustang Sally. :)

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  3. richtaylor365

    What? no moonwalk?

    The scary part about that whole performance is that you knew the words……..by heart.

    Man crush alert.

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  4. JimK *

    Yeah, I do that…I glance at the screen sometimes, and this time you can see I got a bit nervous and blanked for a sec, but mostly I memorize the SHIT out of the songs I sing.

    You should see my Richard Cheese cover of Baby Got Back or Ice Ice Baby. Gonna try to get those on film at some point too. :)

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  5. richtaylor365

    You do requests?

    Do that Lady Gaga song I posted, oh, and get those two blond female dancers as back up, talk about going viral.

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