3 Way, No Way

I think we are in need of some levity. Last night was the season finale of SNL. I know I’m dating myself, but I remember when SNL first started, John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtain, Chevy Chase, and Gilda Radner, the murderer’s row of comedy. The show has taken on so many transformations over the years, losing me for a few years, then I come back, and so on. With the advent of Hulu I can watch my shows at my leisure (like I’m going to stay up and watch it live, please). But last night’s music skit posed some interesting philosophical questions that need to be addressed:



Alright, what say you? Gay? or no way?


For my own self, some ground rules up front, lights on (no negotiation on that), pick your hole then no swapping, oh, and I don’t want to see the other guy’s junk, he has to start first. Other then that, maybe a nice buzz on and the girl has really got to way enthusiastic. I think that covers it. So would any of this work, or is just gay from the get go? Discuss.


Lady Gaga was the cream on the Oreo in the skit, I’m still trying to figure her out but the one song that I do like of hers, she did last night.


A few months ago SNL did another funny as shit skit I Just Had Sex.


Sometimes they knock it out of the park.

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  1. InsipiD

    Guy-guy-girl threesome isn’t acceptable.

    Both skits you mention are “Digital Shorts,” made outside of SNL’s usual writing team. A group called The Lonely Island (including cast member Andy Samberg and writer Jorma Taccone) makes them. They’re often hilarious. Try also “Jack Sparrow” (with Michael Bolton), the original “Lazy Sunday,” and prequels to last night’s short: “Dick in a Box,” and “Motherlover.”

    Gaga is one of those incredibly sexy people that you just know you better not sleep with.

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  2. Kimpost

    You guys are more picky than me when it comes to threesomes. My only basic rule is no guy on guy touching, whatsoever, preferably not even by accident. I’m OK with swapping holes, and seeing junk.


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  3. Seattle Outcast

    I was listening to this ditty this morning as my wife played it and laughed her ass off. I told her it was funny, but whomever was “singing” had no fucking talent. And these are considered “stars” of the music world? How far they have fallen.

    Anyway, the only threeway I’d consider would be me with two chicks. Having some guy try to stuff his dick into what I’m already fucking just isn’t going to work.

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  4. CM

    Hahaha, LOVE the videos. Thanks to InsipiD for the heads-up on the others. The Michael Bolton one especially. In terms of the threesome thing, I’m with Kimpost.

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  5. CM

    I’ve always been a fan of this one. I just didn’t realise they’d done others (Dick in a Box was the only one I’d seen before)

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  6. InsipiD

    That one and “Like a Boss” have been big enough to actually make a dent among people who have never even watched SNL, and may not realize why they would be punctuating every sentence with “Like a Boss.” I think that most of them are funny, though not all of them get that much attention. “Ras Trent” was hilarious, but hasn’t been very big. “People Getting Punched Just Before Eating” and “The Jammy Shuffle” were two of the funniest ones, but don’t really have much to be embraced outside of the immediate audience.

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  7. AlexInCT

    You guys are more picky than me when it comes to threesomes. My only basic rule is no guy on guy touching, whatsoever, preferably not even by accident. I’m OK with swapping holes, and seeing junk.

    How do you guarantee none of that happens man? And what do you do when it does? Accidents happen. Especially when the other guy wants them to. Since I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body I will stick to all chick threesomes. well, crap. I would if it wasn’t for the fact that I am married now for 23 years and sex is something you do on birthdays and anniverseries.

    It’s just too risky. Vigorous bumping could turn into a swordfight by accident.

    And then someone turns around, bends over, and tells you to kill them… No way!

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  8. DurochD


    How can you say that Lady Gaga is sexy? How does anyone know what that fake plastic made-up human really looks like? She has a great voice and a knack for writing catchy (but mundane/predictable) songs (IMO), but her over-the-top showmanship really turns me off. She’s the gap-toothed slut for the Ritalin generation…….

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  9. JimK

    I very much agree. She’s a good musician (meaning she can play, she’s apparently an accomplished pianist), and she knows how to write a hook, but look up pictures of her without makeup. Now look up pictures of Marilyn Manson without makeup. Now try to masturbate to Gaga EVER AGAIN. :)

    Musically, Gaga = Madonna – 23 years.

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  10. InsipiD

    I didn’t say she was pretty, I didn’t say she was marriage-material attractive. I said she was sexy. There is a difference. It’s like P!nk was back in the day. You know it was risky and dangerous, but she looked like she’d be fun to bang.

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