Burning Candidates

Here is the burning question: Will she or won’t she?

As if the latest batch of GOP candidates that have already declared has not caused a nation wide pandemic of narcolepsy, we have one more as yet to declare wannabe giving us TMI about her digestive problems:

You can see the whole interview here:

First question, is she sure that “fire” is not another Trig kicking around? Todd, you horn dog, put a rain coat on that sucker, will ya? you guys Catholic or something? Enough already.

As much as I like Sarah and think she really has the credentials with what she did in Alaska to be a good leader (unlike that “present” voting community organizer we have now), if I had her ear I would tell her ,”Don’t…Do…It”. Frankly, the group we already have would make for a good sitcom, she would do nothing to increase the size of that tent I referred to in an older thread. Sarah is making a ton of bank, doing these silly titillating tease interviews at Fox, she should milk those as long a she can,  then, once the decision is made to “not put my family through the sausage maker” to extend her services and her expertise as a power broker within the party. Given her popularity with the party faithful, she could stay relevant (and on the pay roll) for several more years, do that.

I got a kick out of Greta’s question about why anybody would want to be president, silly rabbit, just ask Michelle. Jetting all over the world, staying at the swankiest of hotels and taking your posse with you, all on the tax payer’s dime? nice gig if you can get it, Secret Service protection for life, a nice fat pension, speaking engagements as far as the eye can see. And if you are Jimmy Carter, you get a nice stream of invitations from all the murdering dictators of the world to stay at their place gratis. Just do a little lobbying work for Hamas, maybe throw out some outlandish statements like the South Koreans are human rights violators because they are not feeding their buddies in North Korea, stuff like that.

Maybe Arnold can throw his hat into the ring, no doubt running on that stellar record he obtained as the California governor, the one that went in with the best of intentions, but left a beaten broken man that doubled the debt he promised to fix.

As much as I would like to see Obama as a one term er,  my optimism in the face of an upcoming presidential election has never been lower. All the most promising are all still up and comers, working on their resumes for a future run, which leaves me out in the cold and about as satisfied as taking my sister to the prom (no, never did that). I have heard rumblings that Rick Perry, current Texas governor, is considering, also, that some are still working on Chris Christie. I could get behind both those guys (although if it was Christie, you would never see me).

So, any Palin supporters out there?

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  1. Rann

    Palin’s probably unelectable not on her own merits but just because as much as she energizes the Republican base, she energizes the whole of the left into a rabid swarm of angry, hungry creatures not unlike the scarab beetles from The Mummy. She also tends to inspire a similar reaction from people on the right who are trying to establish their “But I’m not one of THOSE right-wingers!” cred. (And I mean in general, I’m not trying to call out anyone specifically here.)

    If they really, really wanted to play some dirty tricks… and I mean the shit that the left thinks Karl Rove pulled off on a daily basis, and twice before Sunday lunch… Palin would run up into the last minutes of the Republican primaries. She’d then quit, hand things over to the other Republican on a silver platter (having let him gently but respectfully disagree with her on certain issues all along the way), and drop completely out of sight until after the election. The left would have by that point gotten so nasty and so completely geared for an Obama versus Palin showdown that they’d be floored, left scrambling to get their shit together and figure out what to do now with the actual candidate.

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  2. JimK

    I want her as kingmaker, NOT king. She is perfect in her role as lightning rod/op ed writer. She gets to the heart of policy issues, she takes heat and draws fire away from conservatives and she’s like, designed to do it. Not only does she incense the left and the media, but she, as a person, can handle the flak.

    I’d make her head of the GOP before I elected her to anything. I never want to see her hold office, but I want her on TV every frigging day.

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  3. Kimpost

    I’m thinking that she’ll probably run. Didn’t really think so earlier, but lately I think that she’s been in campaign mode. The way she jumped on Trump, I thought was her campaign mode speaking.

    Should she run? Like Rann I think that democrats are hoping for that. She would surely energize the base, of both parties. As a by-stander I would love the circus. As presidential candidate I don’t think she would stand a chance. The primaries, she could win. So given this I would, if I was hoping for a republican win, hold my fingers crossed for her not entering the race.

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  4. Section8

    I know the elections are some time away, but the GOP is in the best position it’s been in a long time. This, of course, is mostly due only to the Democrat’s incredible ability to fuck themselves in a way that could only be rivaled by the GOP’s ability to do the same. That said, this current bunch is what they’ve got to offer? OUT OF 300M PEOPLE, this is the best they can do? I think I’m just going to run, I can’t be any worse and I’d drop some f bombs in every speech and interview which is what this country needs right now.

    PS “Fire in the Belly” would work great for a Taco Bell ad if any Taco Bell marketers are reading this.

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    PS “Fire in the Belly” would work great for a Taco Bell ad if any Taco Bell marketers are reading this.

    Fire in the ass, would be better, it they had a real hot sauce.

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