Tacoma Terrorist?

Think you got what it takes to be a Secret Service agent? It takes more than just looking good in a suit and sunglasses (oh, and talking into your hand, gotta do that). They have a unique mission:

The mission of the United States Secret Service is to safeguard the nation’s financial infrastructure and payment systems to preserve the integrity of the economy, and to protect national leaders, visiting heads of state and government, designated sites and National Special Security Events.

Gee, nowhere in that description does it mention anything about roughing up and scaring the bejesus out of 13 year old kids:

Who wants to get a call like this?

When Timi Robertson found out her middle-schooler son was being questioned by the Secret Service and the police at his Tacoma, Wa. school, she says she “just about lost it,” — especially after they told her it was over a Facebook post the boy had written warning President Barack Obama of suicide attacks in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death.

It’s a short article so you can read the whole thing.

I doubt the Facebook comment is still up, but according to the boy ,”I was saying how Osama is dead and for Obama to be careful because there might be suicide bombers”, hey, give him props for getting the names right, most people interchange the two regularly.

So we have federal agents scouring the net for threats against the president, sounds reasonable, that is after all their job, to protect him. But does that statement resemble anything that could be construed as a threat? Now I don’t do Facebook (they are going to have to drag me into the 21st century kicking and screaming) but I assume that the kids profile is right there, 13 years old. Maybe some cursory checking up on the kid might be in order, you think they did a background check on him first before yanking him out of class?

As usual when you have two sides of a story (the schools and the mothers) the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but I’m thinking its real close to the mother’s side, and miles from that of the schools.

In California when the police have any contact with a minor, the parents have to be contacted immediately and a Miranda admonishment must be given. With adults Miranda is only invoked when you are considered a suspect but for children, it is for anything, no exceptions. I’m wondering if Vito was Mirandized. It also sounds like the school was negligent in contacting a parent and having them present before any questioning commenced, very bad. If I was the mom, I would be going to the school board for some answers.

I know, it’s all Obama’s fault. Now that that is out of the way, I gotta say, this really looks bad. I know I was making the point in the other thread that mistakes happen, but this is one big honkin’ Mt. Everest size mistake. Further clarification, explanation, and some contrition is in order, and begs the question ,”What are those guys doing over there?”

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  1. Rann

    You know, I always knew we wouldn’t turn into a fascist police state overnight…

    But it sure does seem like we’re turning into a fascist police state in the course of a week.

    (And yeah, I know, these problems have been building for a while, it just seems like a whole avalanche of them has hit in the last handful of days.)

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    The local papers (English versions of Pravda) and TV news are essentially giving this a pass. I’m pretty sure that the feds violated at least 1 state law and city ordinance or two, but the local politicians are totally in the bucket for Obama.

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  3. Rann

    Wow. Morgan got his smarmy British arse schooled. Reduced to sputtering and snapping nonsense like “I’ll play any advocate I like!”

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    I know it’s cliched to yell ,”Heads should roll over this”, but seriously, shit like this should never happen, and I would not be satisfied with ,”Gee, mam, it was a judgement call, but in retrospect we can now see that we were a tad overzealous”. Screw that.

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  5. InsipiD

    Taylor’s link wouldn’t play for me, but the same video is on YouTube. I could’ve watched him do this for 20 more minutes, too. Morgan is a great example of a liberal know-it-all gun grabber who isn’t even thinking about what they’re saying. Blaming Nugent’s guns, my guns, Harley’s guns, or my brother’s guns for crime is the worst of straw men. Morgan thought he could go into that interview mostly unprepared and throw things at Nugent without him calling him on it. He’s trying to say that anyone is advocating that everyone owns a gun? That’s just ludicrous. It’s all about choosing to have one if you like, and nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy one if you don’t. “Disrespectful of your president,” is also the kind of thing that Obama fans throw out as a warning before calling you racist for opposing his views. Hey, Limey, I’m not a subject of Obama. He’s my damn employee, and his performance reviews are disa-fucking-pointing. Don’t expect me to fall into line because he’s president.

    I didn’t think Larry King was the best ever, but Piers Morgan is not proving himself even a passable interviewer.

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  6. Rann

    Also, don’t you love how we’re now all expected to salute and show deep respect to the President, and criticizing him is now unpatriotic as opposed to “speaking truth to power”?

    Perhaps Nugent should have used a White House Approved term for getting Obama out of office. Like “burning” him. I’m sure that’d’ve gone over splendidly as artistic expression!

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    There are a great number of people that should never ever posses or hold a firearm, and im not just talking a bout criminals…..
    However, i believe that if we, as a nation, more widely, carried, posses, and shot regularly, there would be a LOT les violent crime, and a lot less intrusive laws.

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